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Charli XCX - CRASH

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. This is why this album has wrecked me in a way I just never saw coming. It’s as if she dove into my brain and knew exactly what I needed at this point in my life, leaving me feeling like a car crash victim by the album’s end.

    It’s 33 minutes of me feeling like this gif on loop:
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  2. I’m trying really hard to show restraint and wait for proper HQ but this thread (special shout-out to @superultra) has been testing me.
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  3. This album definitely better than what the singles would have you believe but I'm surprised to read some of y'all think Used to Know Me is good... just feels so nothingy.
  4. Every Rule is the only song that feels a little...whatever. It's nice, but it doesn't fit the soundscape and has the unfortunate honor of being between Lightning and Yuck.

    New Shapes

    Good Ones
    Used to Know Me
    Constant Repeat
    Move Me

    Beg for You
    Every Rule

    Overall, it feels varied but somehow cohesive and much stronger than Charli, even if Lightning isn't as incredible as Gone.
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  5. Yuck needs an extended single mix with a Tinashe feature. It would be too powerful.
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  6. Hell, get Doja on it too. That groove needs to be at least four minutes long anyway
  7. Whoever said "Yuck" sounded like a Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 track... I hate you, because now I need her on Vol. 2.
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  8. I don't have the time or patience to find these tracks like I used to in my old age. I am so perched by the responses though. She hasn't disappointed me yet with the album. Yes I am a Beg For You stan.
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  9. To the four of us still holding out, six days to go my fellow Crash Test Dummies ❤ we have not been struck down by lightning just yet.
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  10. Lightning is that bitch isn't it? I also feel the GP could eat Yuck up! The whole album is not blowing my mind like she usually does but it's all from good to great!
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  11. Lightning is amazing but Constant Repeat is this records peak.
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  12. I don't do leaks because I don't have the time, desire or wherewithal in 2022 to be fucked with that. But I'm glad the reactions are generally positive.

    If anyone could have done without a leak, it's her.
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  13. Something ABOUT THE WAY YOU…



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  14. I agree this album hits different if you are in your feelings about someone currently, please send help!

    'Its something bout the way you



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  15. Constant Repeat is on Constant Repeat, girlies.
  16. I hate to be that person but I'm going to be that person so whatever.

    Lightning is PERFECTION but I really want a full version with the production style of the first verse a la Track 10.
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  17. The more I listen to the album in full, the more out of place Good Ones and Beg for You sound.
  18. Control has been mentioned as a reference point a lot this era, but I'm detecting some The Velvet Rope influence on Move Me in particular and I love it. It's a shame it's one of the shorter songs here because I could live in that soundscape.
  19. Waiting is so hard omg but I will make it. For those who have heard it, are the track lengths a problem for a lot of the tracks?
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  20. I was a little surprised to find they weren’t, to any great degree, though my expectations were certainly tempered. Lots of the highlights give themselves space to breathe with intros/outros that feel like a nod to her more structurally ambitious work.
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