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Charli XCX - CRASH

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. I love You For Me, I guess this is a good indicator of what a 'mainstream album' will sound like from her in 2021.

    I'd love for her to work with Mura Masa again, 1 Night is probably my favourite mainstream Charli moment.
  2. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Does it count as mainstream when it didn’t chart anywhere? Dd
  3. The same could be said of most Charli attempts at mainstream dd.

    Which does bring me to the question of how they think things will be different this time? Do they think she's built enough of a dedicated fanbase or does she just not care and want one last time using a major label budget before leaving them for good?
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  4. You For Me is incredible holy shit.
  5. Charli just has this way of evoking sadness in the most euphoric sense. “You for Me” is so, so special.
  6. I really like "You For Me," so it's a shame that it's been sold off to Rita Ora. I wonder what Rita's version will sound like.
    It is disappointed that "1 Night" failed to chart after the relative success of Mura Masa's previous single, "Love$ick."
  7. I forgot about "Don't Think Twice" before that first post put it in my head again. What do we know about it?
  8. I’m not exaggerating when I say You For Me is one of the greatest things she’s ever done. A tragedy that she scrapped it.
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  9. It is supposedly a how I’m feeling now outtake that was at one point titled 2hot (or at least a leaked snippet of it from January had the same title as the how I’m feeling now outtake). It might just be a track she’s moved on from like the Vroom Vroom EP scraps she debuted live at the Exchange LA show in 2016, but it might also indicate the general direction she’s headed towards.
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  10. "Hey Boy Hey Girl" in HQ finally leaked.
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  11. The first one sounds like the hybrid of No Time For Tears with 1999. The second is very much more Charli with A.G. A la Gone.
  12. Did SOPHIE produce Hey Boy Hey Girl? Sounds like her.
  13. I can't stop playing You For Me. I really wish she'd kept it for herself but perhaps it doesn't quite fit with the album she's making. I guess the concept of giving songs to big name artists but I'm not sure Rita's chances of getting a hit are much higher than Charli's these days.
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  14. I hope the True Romance comparisons mean Patrik Berger will be back too. Charli was recording out of Noonie's studio a while back so that's a promising sign we're headed for some scandipop goodness.
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  15. This has a good shot in the UK at least, no?
  16. Not about the 5th album but Charli has been confirmed as a guest judge on Drag Race All Stars 6 I know that’s right!
  17. She's wearing the wig!!
  18. If they don’t do a Charli song…

    “Vroom Vroom” would be iconic but watch it be “Boys” or “1999”.
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  19. It’ll be Boom Clap and we’ll deal.
  20. Why is she kind of serving this dddd

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