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Charli XCX - CRASH

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. I think that’s the point since her caption on Instagram says to hack her nn

  2. Oh nn, I completely missed that

    I don't follow her socials
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  3. Tuesday's album sales for the Midweek Top 5.

    1,313 Ed Sheeran
    1,234 Charli XCX
    1,173 ArrDee
    838 Sea Girls
    116 Feeder

    Safe to say she has the No.1#. What a time to be alive!
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  4. Oh, these deluxe tracks are good!
    A Platinum Pleasure-esque experience.
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  5. Entry to the XCX Vault

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  8. Some of you weren't around for the "PC Music is misogynist" era and it shows!

  9. Exactly, exactly.
  10. Sorry If I Hurt You actually gave me chills. So good.
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  11. How Can I Not feels like the perfect blend of bleep bloop Charli and CRASH.
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  12. I really like all 4 deluxe tracks. I'll have to figure out how I want to slot them into the album proper, but they really elevate what was already a solid as hell album.
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  13. Here's my ranking from the standar edition:

    New Shapes
    Good Ones
    Used to Know Me
    Beg for You
    Move Me
    Constant Repeat
    Every Rule
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  14. The girl behind me at her last tour discovered Charli from Reputation tour and talked about Taylor the ENTIRE time and was informing everyone about Taylor's SNL performance coming up. Unbearable.
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  15. Between How Can I Not Know... and Twice she's really perfected camouflaging devastating lyrics that accurately encapsulate anxiety in huge bops this era
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  16. If I had to slot the deluxe tracks into the standard tracklisting, I think this would work:
    1. Crash
    2. New Shapes
    3. Good Ones
    4. Constant Repeat
    5. How Can I Not Know...
    6. Beg for You
    7. Selfish Girl
    8. Move Me
    9. Baby
    10. Lightning
    11. Sorry If I Hurt You
    12. Every Rule
    13. What You Think About Me
    14. Yuck
    15. Used to Know Me
    16. Twice
    "Selfish Girl" would especially work well between "Beg for You" and "Move Me," because it has that garage/breakbeat vibe throughout, but ends on an R&B-lite note that would segue well into "Move Me." Also, "Sorry If I Hurt You" is just as much of a statement as "Lightning," so those back-to-back would be *chef's kiss*.
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  17. Another CD could be possible but vinyl looks doubtful or is a while off.
  18. All four bonus tracks are excellent. I can't believe this is turning out to become my favorite Charli album.
  19. I’ve only heard the snippets of the deluxe and oh my god I can’t wait! They all sound so damn good.
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