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Charli XCX - CRASH

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. Yes, Chuckie. Give us CRASH (Day Version) / (Night Version).
  2. It is actually with two R's.

  3. RMK


    Yes. I was writing out the correction, not the misspelling.
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  4. So that's what they spent the 30 million per episode budget on
  5. I honestly can't think of a better artist to keep a Stranger Things collab equally dark and camp.

    Charli singing Crash while being chased by a demogorgon. Kinda need it now.
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  6. Doritos stays supporting our girls!!!
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  7. New remix of Used To Know Me out now:

    This needs an extended mix so bad.

    Also, side note: I would love to hear the original version that Lotus & Dylan did before Dopamine came in and made it a lil more clubby.
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  8. Didn't this l**k?
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  9. We have 4 versions of the song; a version with a completely different instrumental and no sample (2020 demo), two that are very close to the final with a few things added and subtracted, and the official.
  10. It sounds so much like Same Old Love, its incredibly jarring to hear the vocals over the guitary whatever miss Lavender was trying to give
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  11. hoooooo wig, what a great show! Vroom Vroom live...a religious experience. Even after having to like, keep the mosh pit that appeared right by us from crushing the girlies.
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  12. The Dopamine remix fuckin slaps.
  13. I should have found you because everyone on the floor was using me as a leaning post dd
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  14. Me 5 feet behind @aaronhansome next to someone telling me Kim Petras is better live and behind someone in a pup play mask.

  15. Yeah, I listened to the leaked demo and… Honestly I’m so glad Dopamine turned it into the bop that it is now.
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  16. The only thing being left is the $5000 Atlantic Sell Out panties. No one wants to pay 5k for used underwear?? Where's @Mikal when you need em??!
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  17. Late to the party cause it took me so long to catch up on this thread dd but this album is SO good.

    Move Me is the *one*. I'm obsessed, I can't stop playing it. Probably one of my fave Charli songs now.
  18. Been going through a few hardships and growing pains lately, and I can safely say that "Twice," "How Can I Not Know...", "Crash," "Selfish Girl," "What You Think About Me," and "Sorry If I Hurt You" have all been perfectly soundtracking it.
  19. Can’t wait for your imperial phase where “Used to Know Me” and “Constant Repeat” soundtrack your life~ xo
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