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Charli XCX - CRASH

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. Just looked at the setlist and the lack of any tracks from Number 1 Angel is a travesty. I thought 'Roll With Me' would have been a given, would have loved 'ILY2' too.
  2. Bloody hell, I’m sorry Birmingham but that crowd was so boring. I always thought the “Glasgow are the best crowds in the country” cliche was something to get us cheering but fuck me, you guys needed a boot up the arse tonight.

    You know it’s bad when you can sense Charli getting angry from the stage. We were so close to getting the “ I thought this song was big in Germany!” attitude at one point.

    Charli was great as always (probably not helped by a low stage meaning nobody could see her when she went on the floor) but the crowd killed the show tonight.

    I even moved around the venue in case it was where I was standing and ended up near the front for Good Ones. This was the crowd. I mean, the video speaks for itself.
  3. The low stage really didn't help. The two-thirds of the set I got to see (work wouldn't let me have tomorrow off, so I needed to get back home tonight by the last train) was spectacular. Love Charli. This gig made me think of what young me thought a show in the futuristic 2020s would be like.

    Yeule was cool, but the crowd didn't seem particularly into her.

    Oh, and who on Charli's team thought the "Charli XCX douche" was tasteful marketing? Had me cackling at the merch stall.
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  4. Seems like Atlantic is gonna sign her to some licensing deal as we expected.

    Also from the interview there’s an “exciting feature” coming, as well as another single this summer.
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  5. Set times for tonight.

    Doors: 1830
    Yuele: 1945
    Charli: 2045

    I feel faint, I'm gonna collapse.

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  6. mpl


    Thanks, do we know how long Charli’s set is?
  7. Not sure but i think we'll be out by 11pm.
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  8. Guessing the feature is for the “Yuck” remix?
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  9. The feature is probably the Tiesto collab nn. Still hoping and manifesting a Dua/Doja/Megan moment on a Yuck remix though.
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  10. Still have two tickets available for tonight's show lol dm me for more x
  11. The way he worded it with “this album” in the next sentence makes me think it’s probably a feature she’s doing for someone else - like the Tiesto collab.

    But Yuck is definitely getting a feature of its own.
  12. Maybe she has a Funk Bounce 2 moment too.
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  13. Help, Birmingham usually bring it crowd wise. This was... something!
  14. “Constant Repeat” and “Lightning” for another round at SNL later this year x
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  15. For the Glasgow show, she came on just after 9pm and finished around 10:20pm.
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  16. Sam


    Had a walk home in the sun listening to this earlier after a bit of a break. She’s still that girl top to fucking bottom
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  17. This is giving me flashbacks of Courtney Love in Birmingham who gave up on the set half way through because the crowd was dead. Glasgow on the other hand was a sweaty mess as it should be.
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  18. Just left the London show and she was fine but I am offended by the venue choice. Never realised Alexandra Palace is truly in the middle of nowhere. Yuck and I don’t mean the song!!
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  20. Really struggling to put into words at how incredible that concert was. I'm still on cloud nine.

    Was touching to see how overcome Charli was at the size of the audience, crying at how it was her
    largest audience ever. I was expecting the worst but the atmosphere was electric and I saw no drama. Everyone in my area was there for Charli and to dance until the very end.

    Vroom Vroom was a highlight, I got a tad emotional when she said "This ones really important to me... This is for Sophie" before the track erupted.

    Charli deserves the world over! Roll on Primavera!
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