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Charli XCX - CRASH

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. Such a shame she got ill. She was on a roll with rave reviews for the album and show. Gutted for anyone who had tickets.
    Was hoping to catch her set at Big Weekend online as I missed my Crash date as I had Covid (grr).
    Hopefully she’ll add more dates after the festival season.
  2. I keep getting fed videos using Hot In It on TikTok and it's such an earworm. I went from not caring for it to having it stuck in my head.

    I know I'm biased as a stan and this rarely seems to pan out for her but... a potential smash?
  3. Not her asking the German crowd to be loud... the layers

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  4. Omg, the way we keep getting fed this era
  5. When does she show up on stage? 9pm?
  6. Just came back from her show and she was on fire. She didn’t need to deliver that hard but she did. I was a bit worried knowing she isn’t 100 percent but if this was Charli* on less than 100 I am scared what happens on full energy.

    Also she just generally understood the assignment, gave us the hits, a rave, some great album tracks, all in high energy mode. Whenever we thought she was done she blew the roof off further.

    Some of the big ones could learn a thing or two here.
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  7. Oh this breaks my heart
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  8. I don’t think she’ll truly ever recover from the loss. We wouldn’t have the Charli we have today without SOPHIE. Forever indebted, highkey.
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  9. That really made my heart hurt. I hope she's doing okay.
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  10. Wow, that was intense. Taxi, I mean... I just don't know a better song.
  11. Bless her.
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  12. 2022 version of "I Love It" will be out tonight

  13. matthew.

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  14. Release the demo instead, Charlene.
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  15. She should release the 2022 version of Boom Clap that she has been doing live!
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  16. 2014

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    The way she paces when she's speaking to the crowds stresses me out ff. But I feel for her.
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  17. I was so excited to see her at Glasto and I’m glad she’s headlining a stage, but the fact that she clashes with Kendrick (the only headliner I really want to see) means I won’t be there for it.
  18. This feels kinda homophobic.
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