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Charli XCX - CRASH

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. This was fun. Hope she has her Running Up That Hill moment and Stranger Things sends Good Ones to number one!
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  2. Her store emailed everyone in the US who ordered the clear red, didn't get it, were told they'd get a solid red, and instead received a black copy to say... they're refunding us and we get to keep the album.

    from the 'Charlie XCX Team'
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  3. Speaking of her, my favorite bar is joining the typo club!
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  4. It’s my most played of the year & about to top my all time list nn; when it’s right, it’s right!
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  5. Tonight’s show setlists.

  6. Grins, Lock You Up, Need Ur Luv, Track 10, Trophy, Lipgloss, Stay Away AND Official back to back?!?! She's insane!! I hope her South America gigs are like this.
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  7. Vroom Vroom into Roll With Me would absolutely end me.
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  8. Fuck not show 1 getting Paradise, I wish I got tickets now.
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  9. These are the most incredible setlists I have ever seen.
  10. Screaming at her performing in the Upside Down....the demogorgons attacking everyone, the overall production, I'm kind of living for the random pairing. When your fave worlds collide>>>>
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  11. It looks like she just hit ‘shuffle’ on her discography. But really, she could perform anything and make it sound like it was #1 for 16 weeks. Sorry If I Hurt You as the encore!? Where was that on tour?
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  12. She was incredible last night. If I’d known the second show was a different setlist I’d have tried for tickets.
    Even my mate who isn’t a big fan enjoyed, without knowing a single track!
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    So......a normal concert for ANY other artist? No one shuns their past eras like miss Charlotte!
  14. I hope this encourages her to stop paying her past eras dust on tour!
  15. I don’t mind the new project heavy setlists if she does more of these shows.

    I’m gutted I had to sell my tickets because that first setlist was so perfect for me. We need the True Romance tour immediately.
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  16. Excited for this! Caroline is also doing her set shortly.

  17. I genuinely have only just recovered from the 2 shows back to back on Friday. So glad I went to both, seeing Charli with all my besties in such a small venue really meant the world to me, in the past I’ve only seen her with 1 friend at a time, so to be with a group of stans was an absolute moment for me!!
  18. I’m ready for Ms Xcx
  19. Appears Charli isn’t ready ddd
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