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Charli XCX - CRASH

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. This could literally be a Charli song
  2. Not this originating from her Drag Race appearance!
  3. The complications.
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  4. I do hope the Fornarina wig makes another appearance besides Drag Race, cause it's a look and a half.
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  5. Scream. It really is more Fornarina than Electra Heart.

    I do wonder why she'd trot out a blonde wig for a single appearance, but I also can't really see Charli planning an era's look a year in advance (whilst also just barely being finished with the last era).
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  6. To be fair she talked about "the Janet album" even before there was a How I'm Feeling Now. I remember in the early pandemic she mentioned wanting the next era to be more of a classic pop star event, how she wanted to play more of a character with wigs and costumes in the way someone like Bowie used to and that due to the pandemic those plans got harder to pull off well (especially shooting videos) so she benched it. So it could very well be next era related, but obviously it has probably changed quite a bit both sonically and conceptually since then.
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  7. Imagine a Drag Race lipsync battle on Vroom Vroom. However, knowing the producers it will probably be Boom Clap or Fancy.
  8. They already exhausted “Fancy” last season, ugh.
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  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Doing It or 1999 are the best bets for a Charli lip-sync teebs, but they've had guests on before and not used their songs as the lip-syncs so stans shouldn't hold their breaths dd.
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  10. And we loved!


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  11. Like when they had Kacey Musgraves AND Ciara on the same episode and did a song by NEITHER. I hated it.
  12. Having flashbacks to when Charli spoke with Gia Gunn on Zoom during the how i'm feeling now sessions and Gia didn't know what Vroom Vroom was, ddd.
  13. This was so sweet of her to do.

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  14. That was adorable and actually a great interview? So sweet.
  15. We can only hope it's Lock It.
  16. My heart. This is so cute!
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  17. If only "Unlock It" had its viral TikTok moment earlier, so that they could've used it instead of what will inevitably be "Boom Clap."
  18. Girl is looking SNATCHED.
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  19. RoB Amsterdam <3
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