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Charli XCX - CRASH

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. Mr.Arroz

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    Witness any rimming parties?

    Yes Bosco!
  2. Only blowjobs in the toilets during Elio's set, I'm afraid
  3. Butteries recharged
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  4. There’s a True Romance vinyl rerelease coming soon, right? Any details on this?
  5. I think the T was Aug 19 and 26 for True Romance and then Sucker. Her team apparently mailed copies of True Romance to people awhile ago and if the release date is really that close, then it's weird they haven't formally announced it.
  6. Hannah Lux Davis coming through again. She should have directed every CRASH video.
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  7. I love the trashy mid-00s Uniting Nations/Michael Grey/Fedde Le Grand/etc vibe of the first half of the video.
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  8. a cultural reset, her tik tok viral era is here
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  9. She served the best look of her life in the back of a moving van, who else truly? Like 100/100 stunning.
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  10. The visual itself is good but the visual alongside the song made me like the song less. Almost as if I had to pay too much attention to what I was listening to which…doesn’t bode well.
  11. The 18-wheeler scenes are an absolute serve.
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  12. Her slowly strutting in at work and randomly pointing at things is honestly so inspiring.
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  13. Whew that video is a serve. Hannah Lux Davis never misses. Definitely Charli's best video since Good Ones.
  14. The "Hot In It" MV is great. Ms. XCX always serves visually. Now I'm salty that Joel Corry didn't let Charli film an MV for "Out Out."

    Also, not this MV making me want to buy this Liza Keane top.
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  15. I was looking into the Sirius XM playlists and noticed that Boom Clap is the second most-played song on the ‘10s channel, a $ma$h!
  16. It’s probably been mentioned somewhere in the 300 pages here, but I never realized how “Every Rule” starts off almost exactly like “Love Will Never Do (Without You)”.

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  17. Thinking about how visions is one of her best songs and how it went the fuck off live as she was writhing around on the floor like the pure CHAOS is maddening.

  18. The video’s grown on my but could’ve done with a but more Charli in the final scene.
    Track moved back up to 29 this week (from 33).
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  19. Does this mean she'll re-record Porcelain Black's leftovers? Honestly, I'd be here for it.
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