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Charli XCX - CRASH

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

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  2. Dd I love this. Anyone know what show this was? Was it like a festival with multiple acts or did she just drag her friend to see Charli?

  3. We’re ignoring the leak.
  4. That was a classic, that was a classic!!!!!
  5. Random, but I was recently reminiscing about the illuminati era in pop music where Gaga, Katy and Nicki were all accused of being part of some satanic cult by that bonkers website Vigilant Citizen. I googled the latter thinking the site was long dead, but shockingly they're still around and even more active than the front page of Popjustice!

    But best of all, apparently they did a write-up for the Crash era. It's one thing I really loved about the Crash era. It feels like a send up to the occult visual themes that pop artists played with around 2009-2011. Crash would have fit right in with albums like the Fame Monster and Rated R.
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  6. Saw someone on TikTok saying she should go full The Fame Monster in her next era and now i can’t stop thinking about it.
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  7. How was this not discussed? I’m so jealous

  8. Sorry If I Hurt You getting the recognition it deserves! It sounds sooooo good live.
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  9. tea


    The crowd chanting it back! An organic hit!
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  10. I hope Charli becomes one of those artists that releases an album every year or so
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  11. I really want the full version of this, it sounds like such a bop.
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  12. He talks just like Charli kii
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  13. Ms. Charlotte is a server. Serving is what she does.
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  14. Oh, the thin eyebrows are a LOOK. Gagged me a bit!
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  15. This is fake nn
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  16. Great promo. It's going viral.
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