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Charli XCX - CRASH

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. They all looked ok to me, but I didn’t study them too closely.
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  2. Mvnl

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    Oooh okay, I read it like you bought 6 copies before getting a good one
  3. Ha, no I was just trying to get Charli her number one!
  4. I’m sure it’ll leak within a few weeks of her recording it anyway
  5. This works so well.

  6. I know we're mainly past the days of discussing leaks but "Picture This (feat. A.G. Cook)" is a clapper.

  7. Now that the House is Republican, I don't see it
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  8. Screaming at Charli performing at a Spotify event when she mostly uses it to listen to herself nn

  9. This is the first year I’m noticing her on the Spotify Wrapped of straight people I follow lol
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  10. Then she shouldn’t have abandoned ship for Hot In It!
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  11. Probably wasn’t totally her choice.
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  12. The full thing is here.
  13. Pretty rare for a popstar to have such good taste in her own music
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  14. Lightning was such a missed single opportunity
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  15. I stand by Beg For You being a slapper, and Used To Know Me was a solid single choice (particularly given the "mainstream sellout goes evil" angle for CRASH in general), but Lightning and Constant Repeat at least deserved videos. The latter should've been the pre-release drop instead of Every Rule.
  16. First it was Cross You Out and now Beg For You which genuinely sucks, why is she doing her most anticipated collabs dirty???

    But yeah taste. That would have been a great single run.

    anyway, new album news are always welcome. Did she confirm if she signed with Label again or what?
  17. Charli is probably the best artists to not like a new album from. Because you just know something else is coming soon. I wish all my faves were so prolific.
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  18. If it had been "Twice" or "Yuck" instead of "Crash," I'd have agreed wholeheartedly.
    Hoping that "Lightning" unexpectedly takes off after its appearance in Gossip Girl that Atlantic push it as a single and give Charli coin to film a MV for it.
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