Charli XCX - CRASH

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Charli was front-row at Valentino's Spring 2023 Couture show, alongside Sam Smith and Suga from BTS.


I forgot this one.

From all these quotes, it does sound a bit like she's writing CRASH off, which is a minor shame - as much as I love Charli in lofi hyperpop mode, I really enjoyed seeing her push herself in a slicker, glossier pop production style. I suppose the challenge for Charli has always been the merging of the two - but on CRASH I felt she kind of nailed the assignment. It's going to be interesting to see how she can continue to push herself without just retreating to the AG produced hyperpop stylings of Charli's past. Uffie and french electro sounds promising but it also doesn't sound too out of the box for Charli. Her instincts tend to be spot on though so I'm really excited to see where she goes with it.