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Charli XCX - CRASH

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. It seems like Charli has had some studio sessions with Tove Lo, Alex Hope and Caroline Ailin (Tove and Alex were in the studio with Allie X yesterday so fingers crossed Allie and Charli’s paths have crossed too).
  2. She has been with Tove a lot. Some magic must have been made.
  3. This dream team. I'm w*t
  4. I’m fully ch*rged nipples are h*rd ready to g*
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  5. I am screaming at Charli in that last pic.

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  6. Charli was at Tove Lo's Midsommar party last night. She @-ed Jason Evigan and Rami Yacoub too. Wonder if she's working with some more Swedes this era.
  7. Tove's themed parties look so much fucking fun. How do I snatch me an invite?

    Thrilled to see my queens hanging out so much. They must have cooked up some good shit at this point.
  8. Why did I read that as *verb with just one o* and still nodded “yeah queens”?
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  9. Destroying the environment and making money for charity at the same time. Make it make sense.
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  10. GLAAD of all charities too... Girl why.
  11. Love that this is probably how we got Number 1 Angel.

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  12. So… single in september/october, album in 2022?
  13. I hate to be that greedy stan but I really didn’t expect to wait close to 2 years in between albums.
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  14. "I'm not a dancer, but I'm not not a dancer"
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  15. So maybe an October / November release? Her statement doesn't scream next year but it very well could be.
  16. I remember a few months ago everyone was expecting it in the summer and here we are, expecting it in the winter nn. Knowing her whatever she did then is probably gonna get cut off the finished product.
  17. RIP the Janet album. See you on Dbree in 2023.
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  18. I want a You For Me copy or improved version x9 and a ballad like Can You Hear Me
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