Charli XCX - CRASH

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Rewatched her Pitchfork Festival show tonight and it’s truly amazing. Her energy is at 100 throughout and the crowd is so engaged. I love spotting the obvious heteros in the crowd lowkey getting their lives amongst her fans.

It also brought us this iconic line: “Make some noise if me, Charli XCX, is one of the top 15 pop stars in the world…keeping it arrogant but also fair”

The intro to Vroom Vroom, is still giving me goosebumps. The show is fantastic.
Out Out has wormed its way In In my brain.

It appears she's shot a commercial for Samsung's Galaxy 2 earbuds and was interviewed by People magazine about the new album.

"My album's going to be amazing and when you listen to it, you will evolve into a better person," she adds. But did she evolve into a better person making it? "No. I've gotten more evil, but that's good sometimes," she says with a giggle.
"This album has been something that I've wanted to make for a couple of years now and I've been speaking about it and slowly piecing it together for a few years," she says, calling the record "the most polished thing that I've done."
"It's a transformation," she adds. "I want to emerge from this more powerful and more myself than ever before. It's almost the opposite of How I'm Feeling Now in the way I've made it."
Something something brilliant genius postmodern socialist commentary on capitalism something something.


All I really know is, sell out XCX is giving us everything we need. When this era ends up smashing out of nowhere (for Charli standards) and letting her dictate her own future by selling out to cash in, she might deserve to be a Time person of the year for the audacity on display.
Fuck, I'm living for her just going straight for maximum chart impact despite clearly knowing it's cynical. Imagine this peaking at #1 just in time for "Good Ones" to ride on its coattails! I've obviously heard it already, so has everyone, and I think what strikes me the most is how much the vocals don't even sound like her. I guess my mental image of her voice by now is this broken alien noise instead of your regular smooth pop vocal.
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