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Charli XCX - CRASH

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. It’s a tie when

  2. [​IMG]

    Out Out is a top tier trashy bop. And i use every second of it.
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  3. Sam


    I love The Handmaid’s Tale
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  4. I listened to True Romance in full for the first time in a few months yesterday and damn if it still doesn't sound as fresh as it did when it came out. Repress it ma'am.
  6. Such a great performance. I didn't really give 1999 much attention when it came out. Then the Charli album made me enjoy it well enough, but this show with that fantastic extended intro really made the song for me.

    "It's called 1999 do you know every ****** word or what?"
  7. 911 remix coming friday (maybe)
  8. You should probably read the Chromatica thread ddd
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  9. Charli taking her evil popstar schtik to new realms:
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  11. Just play this 4 times and it's essentially the full thing.
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  12. It's such an underwhelming anxiousness for a song that waited a month for release, leaking, hearing it being nothing special - with Charli promoting anticipation on her social media.

    Only for reality to be that this song will doubtfully make any type of smash. Let alone it being remembered as one of her best. Sigh.
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  13. Well.......I got into my first car accident in twelve years today while bopping to Out Out. The fucking light rail clipped the bumper of my car and got stuck to my Ford Escape nn. My adrenaline is still riding high.

    Charli really said let's ride

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  14. I really hope she premieres the music video at the same time as the song, given that she's teasing it so much, it seems likely? Hopefully it will elevate the song for those who aren't crazy about it.
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  15. We went 'clubbing' for the first time since pandemic hit yesterday (it was an open air beach club) and the DJ played Out Out, My Head My Heart, Fuck Him All Night and Iam the Stripclub in a row.

    Ey eeey ehehe eh

  16. Love their friendship.
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  17. You couldn’t have picked a better song?
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  18. Talent recognizes talent, you love to see it!
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  19. The Out Out video is out (out (I hate myself)). No Charli appearance in it but it’s the cringy mess we all could’ve guessed.
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