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Charli XCX - CRASH

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. No charli no play.
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  2. Boo at the lack of Charli.
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  3. Imagine releasing a feat. Charli song and not having her in the music video. Straight men are so stupid.
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  4. The "ehh ehh ehh" hook is so bad but so addictive and therefore somewhat iconic I kinda love it.....
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  5. To be fair, Joel has had every feature artist so far appear in the video for his singles. Charli was probably too busy making mood boards from Tumblr to jump in front of a green screen nn.
  6. Out Out is #10 on the charts this week.
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  7. Charli finally In In a Top 10 that's not on an illegal leaked songs chart. We just love to see it.
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  8. Mainstream legend.

    clap the sound of a smash!

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  9. Could they really not have asked Charli to stand in front of a green screen and dress her up as a weather girl or something?
  10. They could have just spliced in a few clips from these & called it a day:

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  11. It’s a bit iconic how Saweetie hasn’t even acknowledged the existence of this dd
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  12. I wouldn’t either if my verse only lasted all of ten seconds.
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  13. It's a kii that not only is Saweetie's part incredibly short but the official lyric video doesn't even have her last line correct. It's like she submitted it without a transcription and they couldn't reach her after it was sent.
  14. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    At least she got her quick lil top 10 out of this.
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  15. This is so straight and so heterosexual. Charli should've hit Bradley & Pablo up!
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  16. I would've accepted a MV with Charli largely absent if she appeared for "Hi, I'm Charli, baby. Tonight we're going out out."
  17. The fact that they didn’t even need a video with it hitting the Top 10; mind of masterminds.

    I also feel like she’s wanting “Good Ones” to represent her full image switch up which could explain her absence.

    Still not over the fact that “You for Me” could have been another hit for her too.
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  18. Saweetie really said “50 pound for a verse, no album out” and ran!
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  19. A wee bit iconic that Charli said she wanted a mainstream era and immediately collected a Top 10.
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  20. My IG stories promo is working I guess!
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