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Charli XCX - CRASH

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. If the songs are as good as Boys I'm here for it.
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  2. Girl just said let's let Tove Lo write my next album!!
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  3. If she's still angling for an alter ego with this album (or ever was to start with) those tweets could certainly be considered the first seeds of worldbuilding...I see u Charlotte.

    Also, honestly -
    She spilled.
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  4. Single in August.
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  5. Oh, I'm ready.
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  6. I'm here for it, especially if it's as good or anything like You For Me.
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  7. Circuit gays every year:
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  8. Her Orange Trees is coming! ddd

    She looks stun.
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  9. I hope she’s changed her Google Drive password this time.
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  10. Honestly I'm shocked nothing seems to have leaked since You For Me dd
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  11. I just want producer info. A crumb, a sip.

  12. The lack of new material is evil. Fuck us up, mom!!
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  13. Everything keeps pointing to an alter ego of some kind...

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  14. We're going to get a Charli Quinn villainess aren't we?
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  15. Does this mean Miss Amanda Ava Koci will be cashing a check?
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  16. I'm here for Charli 666
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  17. Very into the idea of Charli doing the pop equivalent of Andrew WK's new era and going fully conceptualized reality-warping demon on us
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  18. Gotta say Charli's tweets of late really make me miss Sophie; those questions of authenticity and artifice were always so central to her identity as an artist and producer, and that carried over to her work with Charli. Both Vroom Vroom and what they set out to do with XCX World really seemed to be centered around this very discussion - what even is authenticity in music? Isn't any expression of artistry, art in itself? Their work together wasn't just a celebration of pop music, but it also felt like a reclamation of it as an art form. It's such a damn shame we will never get to see their full vision of what pop music could be.
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