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Charli XCX - CRASH

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. I played the song a couple times yesterday and it's so frustrating that it could be fantastic if it built up to something. Like.. could you really not have written a cute 4 line bridge to appease us? I'll stream regardless but here's hoping there's an "extended" edit with the music video.
  2. Good Ones preview here. This may not leave a single follicle left on my poor scalp…
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  3. The song is already an unholy bop but I feel like the video is about to dial it right on up.
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  4. This is highkey what the "funeral version" of the Gimme More video looked like in my head when that rumor first started circulating. Charli really does stan Blackout dd
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  5. I get we've cycled back to barely 2 minute songs nowadays, but at least when they were first around the songs felt... finished. Nowadays they sound like they couldn't be arsed to come up with a bridge and just said "that'll do."
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  6. This is looking like her best video. The song is already a mega BOP. That + Out Out smashing and 911 coming tomorrow......we're eating really good.
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  7. I said it before but at least with Montero (Call Me By Your Name) it somehow felt like a full song even despite its criminally short length but with this.. she really blue balled the girls.
  8. I love the Positions deluxe tracks.
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  9. Come on production!
  10. I hate that this song fucking sucks but will receive one of her best videos to date.

    This must be hell indeed.
  11. Strong Natalia Kills vibes.
  12. Oh wow haven't felt this connection quite yet. That thick synth on Good Ones does feel at home next to Mirrors.

    Bring us a less pretentious Kills experience, Miss XCS.
  13. Watch it with the sound off then I guess
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  14. Not this...
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  15. I’m so glad I avoided the leak. The video looks incredible so far. Ms. Xbox got a budget this time around.
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  17. At first I was a little bit disappointed with the song (only listened to it a couple of times when it leaked) but the last two days I’ve been playing it a lot and love it.
  18. Who co-wrote and produced Good Ones?
  19. Mattman & Robin/Oscar Holter/@nooniebao/Caroline Ailin and Chorli XCS.
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