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Charli XCX - CRASH

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. I went and searched one to refresh my memory and see if you were right. This one has Do Somethin' by Britney Spears. Close dd!
  2. "I'm Katie fucking Fitch. Who the fuck are you?" lives in my mind rent-free, tbh.
  3. This is so cute.

  4. This is so hot; she’s serving your honor!! That she’s in near full-costume and the dancers are in athleisure is a scream.

    I wonder why she cut the heels from everything but the tombstone setup considering she seems to be super comfortable in them.
  5. How were the day one streams?!
  6. Will I be tarred and feathered if I said I prefer OUT OUT
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  7. Yes.
  8. Well two weeks ago that was the prevailing sentiment on here ddd. Very glad to see the tables have turned though and nobody's even discussing Out Out now that we have a properly amazing Charli XCX single to feast on.
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  9. Well I’m having both


    With a side of 911!
  10. Both songs are great.
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  11. Out Out is an absolute monster of a song and I'll hear nothing else. The 'Hi it's Charli baby' is injected with so much personality it's lush.
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  12. Pretty good for her standards.

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  13. Good Ones is superb.

    I wish Natalia Kills could come back and release a song like this. It has her fingerprints all over it. Which I think is commendable of Charli. This is the dark pop that's truly been missed in today's landscape.

    If Natalia can't release anything anymore than I hope her Teddy Sinclair pseudynom can. She has been missed.

    I still haven't been able to fully process the video for Good Ones. It's on a whole other level. Never thought Miss Charlotte could present the total pop star package in this way. The sex appeal plus confidence she exudes and choreography she served left me utterly speechless.
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  14. Playing Good Ones video on mute with other, better songs (like Mirrors) playing in another tab >>
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  15. no❤
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  16. Charlotte is currently the cover photo of Spotify's BBE, Get Popped! and Pop Rising playlists.
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  17. She said "I will be included in the popjustice big pop girl rate at some point even if it kills me"
  18. (The new album should be called Main Pop Girl)
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  19. There's something about this track, it doesn't wow you on first listen but it's just like Pringles, you can't just listen to it once. I repeat it at least 5 times every time I try to listen.
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  20. Default Genders' IMPACT

    It still annoys me that their Holy Ground cover isn't on Spotify nn
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