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Charli XCX - CRASH

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. Nn, all the playlisting must be working because the song has gained another 900K streams in the past day.

  2. Aren't new songs added to the Top 3 or so no matter the popularity so as to gain visibility?
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  3. 100% - I definitely hope there's more of this darker sound on the album.
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  4. No, for example Star Crossed never cracked Kacey’s top 5.
  5. It's a shame Kworb seems to have been frozen a few days, would love to see how this is fairing on streaming across Spotify and Apple Music.
    No, it's based on daily streams. The numbers are big which is why its leap frogged so quickly.
  6. I can only echo this. The song is immense and very addictive. She really did that. She also sounds so different vocally yet quintessentially Charli.
  7. The vocal production on Good Ones is arguably one of the best I ever heard. Every syllable is perfect and she sounds so good on the pre-chorus.
  8. Yes, and in some of her other songs Charli XCX sounds like a washing machine - and that's called range, hunny
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  9. I’m going to attempt to will an extended version with a featured artist doing a bridge and a final chorus into existence.

  10. Can you will AG Cook, Dylan Brady and umru remixes into existence too
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  12. A Cupcakke remix for the TikTok crowd makes too much sense
  13. Good Ones (umru Funk Edit) incoming
  14. Some of the footage was used in these Insta posts - not sure it was for anything more.

    EDIT: Actually, it’s a different bikini in the same location, so who knows then.
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  15. W2K


    Just stumbled upon Good Ones and whew, Charli stepped it up on this one. I shall bop.
  16. Playing Good Ones, Mirrors and Fuck U Betta back to back. Hysterical.
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  17. Good Ones has been added to Hot Hits UK. Should give it a boost in streams.
  18. You know what’s next!

  19. Good Ones is so addictive what the fuck.
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