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Charli XCX - CRASH

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. She truly has made a deal with the devil for this era hasn’t she?
  2. RMK


    The song really does its job in this regard. I'd be surprised if this doesn't do well in the coming weeks.
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  3. Wow... Charti is coming.. Radio 1 will most likely playlist it this coming Friday.
  4. I've been listening to nothing but OUT OUT and Good Ones since their releases.
    From 'Charlie' to this with just two singles, that's what I call character development.
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  5. Her biggest UK sellers by OCC.

    1) I Love It - 1.1 million
    2) Fancy - 1 million
    3) Boom Clap - 632k
    4) 1999 - 553k
    5) After the Afterparty - 401k

    6) Boys
    7) Doing It
    8) Dirty Sexy Money
    9) Break The Rules
    10) Blame It On Your Love

    1999 will go Platinum before the end of the year and I imagine Boys can't be far off Gold. Wouldn't be surprised if Out Out's Platinum by December too.
  6. Her career trajectory is so wild. Critically acclaimed indie act who occasionally sells her soul for a moderate hit. No one's doing it like her!
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  7. It's 42 in the midweeks. I was expecting about top 70!
  8. Good Ones came on at this big pool party I was at last night and the girls and gays lost it. Honestly so much fucking fun and it sounds like a proper smash.
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  9. This bagged another 750k streams yesterday and the Hot Hits add should help too. A top 50 debut would be kind of amazing for her! Anyone remember where 1999 charted in week one?
  10. It debuted at 76 teaching the top 40 five weeks later.
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  11. Come on british cigs let’s do this x

  12. So Good Ones only has to enter and peak 12 spots higher to go #1. What could go wrong?
  13. The bridge is very S&M. Talented people, get mashing!
  14. … What bridge?
  15. Bridge is the bit before the chorus! This is missing a middle eight, and that is that on that!
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  16. Americans calling the middle 8 the bridge is so annoying ddddd. This has a bridge and it slaps hard.
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  17. Sometimes the "middle eight" isn't eight bars, though.
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  18. But it was only called a middle 8 because that's a common number of bars. It's not not one if it has 4 or 12. Like, they couldn't call it a middle-several. A bridge is specifically the bit between verse and chorus.

    I don't know why I get so anal about this.
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  19. I would call this a pre-chorus nn
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