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Charli XCX - "Good Ones" + Eventual Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. RJF


    You literally bemoaned the exact same prospect on the same page. Do you want to go away?
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  2. Oscar Holter apparently produced it alone, Mattman & Robin are only credited as writers, alongside Charli, Holter, Caroline Ailin and Noonie Bao.
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  3. I hope she spills more on who's doing production.
  4. Oop. Not me misunderstanding your post


  5. smash smash smash smash smash
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  6. Okay so that choreo though?
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  7. I'm obsessed with the Charli Cinematic Universe and she is gorgeous in the dance shots in front of the open grave.
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  8. The video is fantastic, perfectly vibes with the song and makes far more of an impression that the track on its own.
  9. Wow the video is fantastic! Possibly her best?!
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  10. 7/10 across the board for me, song and video. It's cute, but doesn't feel as fresh to me as her other stuff. The styling/aesthetic seems a bit played out. Hope the album as a whole fucks me up, though.
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  12. Charli doing CHOREO. I never thought this day would come
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  14. The video is a fucking unreal serve. Something about it was giving me Bad Romance, but it feels fresh and finds that balance between sexy, weird and morbid.

    The scene where they strut down toward the coffin and start *energetic dancing*... Imma need gifs, stat.
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  15. The video is stunning but it's paired with one of her worst leads nn
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  16. The choreo around the grave-plot gave me everything; I'm loving the scantily clad fashion this era!
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  17. She’s living her Britney fantasy and I’m living for it. Easily her best video.
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  18. I adore the song but it feels a lot like a 2021-via-1987 update of Break the Rules so I'm kinda not surprised many of you aren't into it ddd. Banger though
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  19. I wasn't prepared for the ass moment.
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  20. I've never been happier to have resisted a leak. This is fabulous. Who was that in the casket tho, were we meant to recognize them? I thought it was Sega Bodega at first
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