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Charli XCX - "Good Ones" + Eventual Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. Not all of these comparisons to artists that Charli likely influenced herself in the last decade. Make it make sense.

    I'm very curious to what this album is going to sound like. If this is her "Janet" album, but this song is also "indicative of the sound of the album" ... which isn't Janet sounding at all, then I'm wondering what exactly she means by that. Will we get some New Jack Swing a la Miss You Much? Will we get some 90s House Vibes a la Throb? Will she just have lots of interludes where she's cumming and laughing?

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  2. I've read that the "SOPHIE" version of BelAir is in fact fan-made.
  3. No way! Its so good! Did several versions leak then?
  4. Not me hammering the 911 remix, Out Out, and Good Ones on REPEAT today already.

    ...maybe this is her sellout era after all!
  5. Good Ones is a nice little slapper.
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  6. The only leak I'm aware of is the SUCKER-era demo:

  7. Our pop hitmaker queen.
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  8. I'm expecting more songs in the vein of Gone - it is Charli's brand of pop with 80's dance lacker over it. But it also doesn't help that the term "the Janet album" has been thrown around as if it were some sort of tribute album.
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  9. RMK


    I guess this is the goal with a month’s worth of pre-saves.
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  10. She’s #1 on A List Pop on Apple Music too. Atlantic really didn’t miss this time.
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  11. Facts, but also stay away from her.

  12. I cannot unhear this now.
  13. Ddd cut to me yesterday telling a friend "Natalia Kills gotta work for her money" after seeing the video. A premonition.
  14. RMK


    Why can't I hear this? Is it the chorus melody?
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  15. I just made this - I cannot get over how I didn’t hear it sooner:

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  16. Doesn't Genius allow user submissions? Like couldn't a Natalia Kills stan simply have added that "Good Ones" interpolates "Mirrors" even if it doesn't? I don't hear it personally.
  17. Does that sound realistic to you?
  18. After years in this pink hellhole, yes.
  19. We exist, you little bitch.
  20. If anything, the synths in “Good Ones” and “Mirrors” owe their sound to “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This),” but okay!
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