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Charli XCX - "Good Ones" + Eventual Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. [​IMG]
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  2. Again:
  3. The fact that a 3:12 supercut of Britney's tongue moving exists is peak Online Homosexual Behavior
  4. RJF


  5. Much like ‘Good Ones’ the only problem I see here is that it should be twice as long.
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  6. I feel like what is actually the lead single of all Charli’s albums is are arguable but I’m going to choose and rank them as such.

    Stay Away
    Good Ones
    Break The Rules
  7. This page is dork sided.
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  8. It’s great that people have tongues and feel confident enough to show them off. That’s my contribution to this discourse.
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  9. I am always the first one to compare something to Queen Kills but I don't hear Mirrors anywhere in Good Ones dd am I just deaf?
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  10. Sex, love, control, vanity
    Sex, love, control, vanity
    Sex, love, control, vanity

    Vanity, vanity, vanity
  11. I don't hear it either. Like...I guess the rhythm of the main bass/synth is similar but so is Poker Face. If anything, it reminds me of Break The Rules' glam older sister
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  12. I'll never not stan how often Natalia gets brought up in other people's threads.

    I guess that's what happens when you reset culture and change pop music forever.
  13. Honestly I get the Natalia Kills and Ava Max comparisons because their entire sounds are based on recreating the heyday of 2008-2009 Red One productions popularized by Gaga, and that's what Good Ones also sounds like to me.
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  14. New Sade and Kate Bush albums:
  15. Will there ever be a day on this forum where I'm not embarrassed to be a Britney stan?
  16. Patiently waiting for Charli’s next single to interpolate Saturday Night and change pop music forever
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  17. Good Ones doesn't do a lot, but what it does it does to such pop proficiency, it's only day two and I can already project a lifetime of pent-up frustration onto a pretty vague breakup song.
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  18. Okay but when will any of the girlies have the guts to release something as industry stirring as Controversy?
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