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Charli XCX - "Good Ones" + Eventual Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. Yeah it’s mostly pure sales and a few days worth of streaming data that it’s based on. It should climb higher as the week progresses
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  2. P*tchfork spilling in their VMAs post, we really are going Best New Music this era girlies

  3. Good Ones will have over 10 million stream on Spotify by the end of the week. Smash.
  4. Where did Atlantic finally find the budget to splash out on expensive videos and p4k payola?? I guess she really did sell her soul.
  5. Can the basement that they run P*tchfork out of just rebuild already.
  6. I believed this when reading it but…
  7. I hate Jaris.
  8. Okay but if you tried that with Brooke Candy’s phone.
  9. She would pick up instantly
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  10. Caroline is literally living in Charli’s guest bedroom these days so...
  11. Umru is teasing a Good Ones remix with some brazilian djs, one of them used to play in one of my favorite partys so i’m excited.

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  12. Good Ones video feels very Heathers meets The Craft. Like, this would be a brilliant follow up to In My Blood by The Veronicas.
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  13. Good Ones is a hoot. The visuals. The crisp production. The song lasting as long as the flavour of a stick of Juicy Fruit. The abundance of hooks. This whole era is very exciting.
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  14. Am I crazy or at one point didnt Charli kind of imply Brooke pressures her to get features out of Charli?
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  15. Even though we basically knew this, her appearance on the Net-A-Porter podcast confirms early 2022 for the album.

    She previously said she had to deliver the record to Atlantic by December for vinyls to be ready in time, so December 1st it is for the leak and March 18th for the actual release.
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  16. A seven month album campaign is such an exhausting prospect, especially when the vinyl will ultimately be pushed back anyway and it will be all for nothing.
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  17. I've said this before but waiting for vinyl (and losing months of streams in the process) makes no sense for an artist like Charli who's chances of a number 1 album were slim.
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  18. But the hits are happening now? This happens every time.
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  19. Once the album is out that will probably be it for the campaign, bar touring. So if a long rollout means we get a couple of more singles/videos I'm fine with waiting.
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