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Charli XCX - How I'm Feeling Now

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. I can't get over how incredible this album is. i dont think ive been moved by a piece of music since Joanna Newsom - Ys back in 2006. i cant bring myself to listen to party 4 u because it just makes me sob.
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  2. I have now realized Claws is the dowdy, but secretly ambitious and manipulative sister to Click.
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  3. Have you...listened to anything in between?
  4. c2.0 is right there though!
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  5. Anyone who thinks there is a sub-par song on this album should be visiting a doctor x
  6. But ... c2.0 is the best thing on the album? (After Anthems.)
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  7. There isn't a not-great song in this.

    Wait, let me say that with my whole chest; there isn't a not-great song in this.
  8. The verse in 7 years where she repeats the word really like 100000 times is the only dud moment on the album for me, it completely takes me out of the song. I know she probably only had 5 minutes to write it but still, she can do better than that.

    Um... other than that though, I'm pretty sure it all SLAPS to varying degrees.
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  9. RJF


    I think "7 years" is the only track that isn't quite hitting it for me at the moment. Through my multiple plays of the album it remains the sole track that isn't leaving any kind of impression.
  10. Wait at these being my bottom two dd. anthems is fine but a bit redundant when Silver Cross does a similar enough sound far better.
  11. The shifts in production saves it, for me at least.
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  12. The intro of "7 years" is one of my favorite things on the album - makes me so emotional.
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  13. There's something so triumphant about 7 years, the production in the verses reminds me of K-pop and the chorus doesn't ever leave my head. The theme is also super sweet and it's so nice to see her singing about her own boyfriend so personally and directly.
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  14. The last 45 seconds of "Visions" always leaves me like


    She really went there to close album didn't she?
  15. This album is definitely not made for shitty Airpod types of earphones.

    Get a good one and LIVE IN THE SOUND.
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  16. I love everything on this besides anthems - I feel like it's really overhyped on here? It's so noisy and the production just sounds like some dated Euro banger that is especially jarring after the gorgeous outro on Party 4 U. I don't know, maybe I need more time with it, but her vocals are absolutely grating on the chorus and I feel like I'm about to trigger a migraine even on low volume.
  17. *taps mic, clears throat*

  18. Guess the song from the lyrics:

  19. I honestly stan the Scooter / Basshunter / Cascada throwback production yes hunni.
  20. Today I just really appreciate the fact that she officially released Party 4 U, No Angel and Girls Night Out despite her fans being the worst.
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