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Charli XCX - How I'm Feeling Now

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. I hope she used "If" as an inspiration for at least one song.
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  2. You will get a Moisty and deal.
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  3. I feel so bad for her
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  4. Well this aged poorly...

    Seriously though, this fandom needs to be stopped.
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  5. Jesus. Poor Charli!
  6. She has the worst fucking stans on earth, my GOD. She must feel so violated, my goodness. I’m sending her love.
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  7. tea


    Yikes. That is already wrong on so many levels but during a pandemic it also puts her health at risk. I hate people.
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  8. The fact that this is the 12th-ish time I’ve had to post this.
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  9. Why would someone do that? People have taken it to a new low.
  10. These things make me worry for her so much. I just keep getting flashbacks to Björk’s frighteningly close call.
  11. Surely this is the straw that breaks the camel's back and makes Charli realise that her fans need to actually leave her alone? She has to say something to them.
  12. Pretty much this:
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  13. Gee that explained this recent development... I just assumed she got tired of LA and wants to move back to LDN.
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  14. Can we stop calling this person a fan / stan? For all we know this person’s obsession with her has nothing to do with her music. I know her real fans have done questionable things, but this is in an entirely different league.

    There are a lot of creepy straight dudes out there who follow her for reasons of sexual interest. The fact that this guy got naked in her tub kinda implies that. Not to mention this person is obviously not mentally well. Lumping him in as ‘just another fan taking things too far’ seems inaccurate.
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  15. Someone stop the gays it’s me, I’m the gays (don’t worry I would never present this to her to sign ddd)
  16. I'll take ten!!
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  17. Your reply to your own tweet says you’re selling a copy of this leaked album. Where are those profits going, sis?
  18. I’m selling one extra I made - the starting price is literally cost price of getting it made + eBay fees - so 0 profit - but I didn’t come here to advertise that. Anyone could get it made themselves but I’ve just taken the design work and finding separate suppliers for the vinyl, sleeve and inserts out of the equation.
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  19. It looks really good!
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  20. The XCX World photoshoot was stunning. It's such a shame that those photos leaked and weren't used for anything official.
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