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Charli XCX - How I'm Feeling Now

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. Yeah @Jacques is a true vinyl fan since he was literally 9 so no need to drag ha for selling one copy. Plus he's a big Charli fan so he's probably paid for two or three of Charli's *looks at notes* Tudor-style (shudder) windows with his stanning.
  2. I posted this in Vinyljustice but will post it in here too in case it garners interest.

    I’m moving house so clearing out some vinyl and I am selling my copy of Number 1 Angel/Pop2. Only played it a handful of times and would love to keep it but can’t justify it when it’s a valuable record and I need to buy a couch.

    If interested, PM me. I’ll be putting it on eBay or Discogs in the next 24hrs but would rather sell direct on here.
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  3. After posting this, she put up a story of receiving a gift (of bacardi rum) from Major Lazer, ddd. Let's all hope it's better than Spicy.
  4. Could it be the Janet album?

    Wishful thinking, fingers crossed!
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  6. Spicy being her one (1) bad feature so far, I can't wait to hear this!
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  7. Boped to it all year.
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  8. Here's her performance of "Visions" from Appleville.
  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    People know the physical How I'm Feeling Now is out on Friday yeah? We've not received many copies but the album cover is exquisite xx
  10. I just got an e-mail saying my yellow vinyl has dispatched. About the orange variant, I thought it would be opaque? It's transparent and looks more reddish
  11. She just insta-storied a pic of her recording vocals!
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  12. I wonder if this means that she's finishing up the "Janet" album or if she's scrapped it and now working on something new. You never know with Charli.
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  14. We may never know what she’s up to but we always know it’s gonna slap.
  15. When c2.0 kicks in with WHITE SHEETS YOU AND ME USED TO LAY CLOSE.
  16. Top 40 on the bubbling under chart incoming!
  17. My yellow vinyl shipped today! Excited to get it and listen.
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  18. Give us that big commercial pop album, Charles.
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  19. Superlove is still my jam
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