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Charli XCX - How I'm Feeling Now

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. Since Charli is stanning the Black Eyed Peas out of nowhere, justice for “Hey Boy, Hey Girl!”
  2. who said that
  3. It is a bit cringe but it's more-so funny since the hype has already kinda died down ddd.

    Poor Charli. She kinda is chart poison.
  4. The amount of pissed users in the replies and quote tweets... An annual pro subscription with scrobble editing is only $30 y'all. Sure the title change is a bit annoying but there's a pandemic out there so I won't fault Charli (or even Atlantic) for trying to get those TikTok coins.

    Edit: Seems like the complaints got to her ddd

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  5. I love her
  6. Bar stan entitlement, I don't see a massive correlation between her (very valid) points here & the unnecessary tag meltdowns. Can't wait for her to ditch PC Music and lose the most obnoxious of the ''Angels'' though.

    I will say, labels changing tags because they think the GP is too stupid to find songs they heard on TikTok is... interesting (even if the GP probably are that dumb).
  7. I'm screaming that this was what broke her, not the anal douches or ashes of dead relatives or leaked albums she's had to sign. Unlock it, indeed.
  8. To be honest as a girly this annoys me... but not to the point where i'm going to pay $30 to fix it.

    On the other hand this new thing of artists fiddling with songs post release feels a bit like historical revisionism to me, and I don't like it. If that makes me entitled then okay...
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  9. When I saw this I thought it was about her potential collab with the Black Eyed Peas dd. Is it really about the title change on Unlock It?

    It's ironic because I feel like the last time she got this annoyed at her fans is when they were mad she paid Unlock It dust on her tour setlist.

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  10. I had to look this up, I didn’t think was real.
  11. I just did the same thing. We are living in hell.
  12. I actually didn't even know about the tag change for Unlock It - personally I find titling changes like this after almost four years (or twenty-one years, in the case of *NSYNC) to be a bit annoying but I don't stream Pop 2 much because I'm an ancient crone who prefers local files and also...anyone actually sending her hate over it, especially when I find it difficult to believe this wasn't all Atlantic's doing anyway, is a weenie who needs to chill the fuck out.
  13. Yeah sending her hate over this is dumb as hell but the more things like this keep happening the more I want to revert back to just listening to my music locally.

    I think the only thing that's stopping me at this point is the lack of a suitable music player on Android phones.
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  14. I'm less pressed about the addition of (Lock It) and more pressed about when they updated the title and didn't capitalize "it" and they've left it uncapitalized.
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  15. Well. Thank you to TikTok and labels for incentivizing me to buy physical albums again!
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  16. It's actually $3 for one month, which would be enough to fix all your scrobbles.

    Cut to Charli announcing a sponsorship with to remedy this for her petulant fans.

  17. The song title changes above, along with Kanye randomly swapping out versions of songs on his albums or Taylor removing the "spelling is fun!" lyric is just further proof that permanence is no longer a thing when it comes to music in the streaming era. The whole thing gives me an extremely icky feeling for some reason. I actually understand why labels want to capitalize but is this newer generation really that dense that they aren't able to find something unless the search terms are exact? I have no words.
  18. Nothing makes me feel more wizened and elderly than being irritated by the fact that “it’s gonna be May” literally had to be added to the title of the fucking song which was already self explanatory
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