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Charli XCX - How I'm Feeling Now

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. The millennial in Charli jumped out with her not realising Tik Tok trends only last for a week dd.
  2. Y'all... are having a lot of emotions over this ddd
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  3. When it comes to actual edits that have been made to songs, my stance is that the songs should be tagged as such. The same way they tag shit like "Remaster", "Album Version", "Single Version", "Radio Edit", and if the edits are significant enough, then it should be reuploaded as it's own thing like a remix.

    For example how Shygirl quietly removed the sample in one of her songs which basically changed the whole vibe of the song, and just hoped no one would notice, like no...
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  4. Or like when the original version of Slumber Party was quietly replaced by the Tinashe remix... same with Doing It and the Rita Ora remix. At least the internet is full of unofficial music archivists anyway.
  5. I feel like the practice of adding a subtitle with the recognisable line to a song so it will be easier to find/purchase it was always a thing?
    Florence + The Machine “Spectrum (Say My My Name)”, Kelis “Caught Out There (I Hate You So Much Right Now!), The Rapture “Whoo! Alright - Yeah… Uh Huh (People Don't Dance No More)”, Robyn “Do You Really Want Me (Show Respect)”, New Order “World (The Price Of Love)” all had these subtitles for a single release, and I am sure there are tons of other examples. I am not even talking about 60s where every other song had a subtitle, which would appear to disappear depending on the release.
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  6. This - I was thinking of the exact same thing but couldn't come up with any specific instance. I also remember there were also songs that got a re-release with "the [commercial] song" added in brackets when they were featured on popular adverts.
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  7. I mean, I'm cool with songs that already had a parenthetical title from the jump (i.e. "Unthinkable (I'm Ready)" by Alicia Keys), but it's a little annoying for me and my when titles change needlessly, and I'm not throwing any coin at them either.

    I can see why a song's title might change to include a parenthetical when the original title is nowhere to be found in the lyrics (i.e. "Habits (Stay High)" by Tove Lo), but Charli literally says "unlock it" in the song's most viral part.
  8. Not to open this box of worms, but I also feel like this is also a prime example of the whole “you don't own the songs you stream” thing.
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  9. I Hate All This Gravity (an outtake from how i'm feeling now) has leaked.
  10. I’m???

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  11. Oh awesome it’s finally coming to streaming platforms!
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  12. I heard Spinning at a bar yesterday (nature is healing), and whew henny

  13. The way we’ve been fed monthly by her.
  14. These appetizers have been cute but I'm ready for a full five-course meal.
  15. Charli’s serving some instagram model energy in Rostam’s new video.
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  16. Don’t give her EP ideas
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  17. Another day, another slay.
  18. Sam


    Football chant intro aside, this is great
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  19. Charli & AG have taken over Spotify’s Hyperpop playlist:

    If you’re wondering why the Kidz Bop cover of “Chicken Noodle Soup” is on there:
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