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Charli XCX - How I'm Feeling Now

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. She said "yes and?" ddd

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Bebe is one to talk......
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  3. Sis must've peeked @ the midweeks
  4. Okay but why is no one talking about this. It's a lot more interesting.

  5. Ariel posted Stay Away to his story.

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  6. Alsksksjsksjd ok I laughed
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  7. Her Instagram profile picture is gone and the Little detXCXive in me has every thought imaginable running through my mind.
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  8. I noticed that too but then I saw the one on her twitter was still there so I convinced myself it was nothing dd.
  9. A. G.’s Spinning remixes are getting their own release at midnight local time. It’ll be nice to finally have them on streaming and unmixed
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  10. Omg YES! I've been dying for the AG Cook remix to be put on streaming since it was first played. I love the original but the remix is superior on all counts.

  11. Just as iconic as the official video.
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  12. The A.G. remix basically makes it sound like a 2016 Charli song instead of a 2016 1975 song. Bop!
  13. I really hope we get Don’t Think Twice in the near future. Rewatching her performance of it for the second time, it already easily slots itself in my top 5 favorite songs by her.
  14. Get that writing credit Charli!
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  15. Spare us a new single, ma'am. I'd ready for a new era.
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  16. I'm obsessed with Spinning. It's total cacophony in the best way (@Sanctuary describing it as the same song playing from two different tabs, but a few seconds out of sync is so incredibly spot on sksksk). I wasn't even blown away by it at first but it's becoming one of my most played songs of the year.
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  17. This is complete speculation but for some reason, I feel like something will happen in July.
  18. Part of me thinks this is a reach, but also…?
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  19. I can hear it
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