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Charli XCX - How I'm Feeling Now

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. The fact that this could be entirely brand new music and y'all are talking about old shite again I hate it here!!!!
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  2. I'm physically begging her to drop whatever this is.
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  3. Party 4 U + Down Like Whoa + I Wanna Be With U is such a trinity of moody atmosphere gay something whatever. Imagine a completely tricked out I Wanna Be With U a la Track 10? Wow.

    Maybe I do have a worm or two.
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  4. Even her Spotify account has been changed with the hol3 imagery now.
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  5. Is that a Garage influence I hear? I may have to stan.

    Miley who?
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  7. Why is that Nintendo Galantis collab still not available to stream?!
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  8. Yes Charli, give the people (me) what they truly want: that scrapped Swedish punk album.
  9. Mow That Lawn confirmed!!!
  10. The amount of times that I've played the live recording of this. I need this.
    To be fair, it's easier to discuss leaks that a majority of us have heard than speculate on a project that we have no idea about, aside from the hole emoji.
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  11. She’s coming to fill our manholes during this time of need.
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  12. What if everyone she was with on IG live in the last few weeks is a featured artist...

    Zara Larsson
    Orville Peck
    Rina Sawayama
    Tove Lo
    Kim Petras
    Rita Ora
  13. She said the new project she’s been working on won’t be collab heavy.
  14. Plus she already worked with 3/4 of that list.
  15. Wasn't there a collab with Rina that wasn't completed in time to be included on Charli? Finish it and release it, Charlotte.
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  16. Rina performed a verse of Backseat live, but I'm not sure if she was originally supposed to feature on the track or if she wrote the verse specifically for the live performance:
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  17. This might not be the next project she was working on (let's call it XCX4, or whatever), though, this might be just a mixtape to tide us over during these times. Featuring artists she's already worked with would be easier.
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  18. Yea I think this is a in between bonus type thing and not her main follow up that she was talking about not a lot of collaborations.
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  19. I love that no one seems to know what this is (or at least if they do, they're not spilling anything). We usually pretty much know about every release in advance.
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