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Charli XCX - How I'm Feeling Now

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. The first two minutes of it is basically the outro from the first version changed up a bit with Charli just repeating "I'm so level next legit... with all my clique" and then it goes into the verse
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  2. Having not listened to any of the snippets, which songs are the emotional sad bangers? I need those in my life.
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  3. I've never paid that much attention to Party 4 U during the initial leaks, but this rework is stunning and reminds me of Track10 in its structure. It builds and builds, making you think there's going to be a huge climax like the latter, but I love that it remains minimalistic until the end instead. Easily one of the highlights so far.
  4. The whole thing is 37:06 mins long. About the same length as Number 1 Angel, and 3 mins shorter than Pop2.

    And there are only 3 songs in the 2 mins range if you were worried about that at first.
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  5. aux


    I’d say enemy, party 4 u, forever, 7 years and detonate. I think enemy may well be my favourite on the album, but it’s too early to tell.
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  6. The way she references feelings created by the quarantine situation but doesn't really overtly mention them so this album won't feel incredibly dated in 6 months! A visionary! A mastermind!

    'Social distance imma need my space' stays rotting!
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  7. I haven't hopped on the train yet and was hoping to listen to that live rip of "Party 4 U" that has been on YouTube for years and it seems to have been deleted.
  8. Out now in New Zealand:
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  9. My favorite moment on this album was getting my life to what I thought was the end of Visions, only to find out it still had 1 minute to go and right as I find out the production shifts.

    I love this so much.
  10. clickcliqueclickcliqueclickcliqueCHARLI!clickcliqueclickcliqueclickcliqueclick


  11. anthems blew my fucking SCALP OFF
  12. RJF


    I'm thirty seconds into "pink diamond" and

  13. anthems is so good it makes me want to throw up.
  14. Here I come with another premature opinion, but I'm already more satisfied with this than with its predecessor. Somehow, the latter came out not too long before I got Charli XCX fatigue. I was starting to have doubts after not revisiting the album that much compared to the mixtapes, and after being whelmed by Claws.

    However, just hearing a project free from features is refreshing as it feels like a deep dive into her mind only. The context helps making it more personal too. Even if overall, it's not the stylistic shift I've often been unrealistically craving, this is a great and cohesive album with some surprising twists and turns. I'm impressed she and her collaborators were able to pull it off in such a quick turnaround. It's really cathartic and inspiring.

    Here's to another listen

  15. I just wanna go to parties
    Get high, feel the heat from all the bodies

    me, who was too busy even pre-pandemic to do much of anything outside of work, never smoked a weed a day in my life, and hates mosh pits:

  16. The fact she finally released Taxi and renamed it! She’s the best!
  17. I'm lowkey happy the drops from the previous version of p4u were left out... compared to the rest of the album they would've sounded dated.
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    I was going to wait until midnight to listen to it again, but I couldn't resist.

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  19. About to start on the lossless rip. Scalp me, Chucky.
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  20. The sheer mental attack that comes with pink diamond only to envelope into the “proper” intro of forever is just *chefs kiss*
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