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Charli XCX - How I'm Feeling Now

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. I love how melancholic and somber the whole thing is. Charli is a great album bar two absolutely dreadful tracks, but this is the Charli I love. <3 Let me listen a few more million times before I drop coins on her tomorrow.
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  2. "how i'm feeling now" is basically Charli taking up full-time residence in the disintegrating, post-apocalyptic soundscapes that Track 10 teased. The most important album this decade will ever witness.
  3. "Click 2.0" might end up making me cry. I had so many nights planned with my homegirls this semester, only for everything to detonate (pun intended). Everything we got to do before the world went to hell just plays in my mind like an incomplete film. It stings like fuck.

    Facetiming people really doesn't have the same effect as actually being with them, and this song serves to remind me of that.
  4. What are our thoughts on "party 4 u," laid ease and gentlethems?
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  6. aux


    Every single second waiting for the song to come out was worth it.

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  7. I don’t think this is too much of a reach (it’s just a white bed!!) considering she described her next album as “the Janet album”
  8. I am squealing at the positive reactions here. I can't wait to listen tonight. I knew she wouldn't let us down.
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  9. RJF


    As someone who has been actively avoiding Zoom group chat bullshit for about six weeks because the entire act makes me want to tear my skin off, tea.
  10. I'm not tryna be rude
    I'm just feelin' confused
    My emotions get blue
    Had to push 'em all through

  11. Didn't get out of bed until I heard this was out fff.

    'pink diamond' and 'anthems' are the ones so far.
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  12. Also, I don’t know if it’s kosher for me to say this but...her body on the cover is snatched? And I’m over here looking like the Michelin Man in sweats.
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  13. This album is impossibly good. She is god.
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  14. I will have a little Charli-induced breakdown this morning as a treat.
  15. "visions" lyrically sounds like the successor to "February 2017."

    She goes from "your picture revolving in my mind / but then it turns to white / I guess I’ll go in blind" to "I see you at night / I got pictures in my mind / I can see it so clearly, see it all the time."

    She also goes from "sorry I tore your heart / I ripped it all apart / your headlights in the dark" to "tearing up your heart / you and I we really went dark."

    I love recognizing the parallels in her storytelling.
  16. The second half! I am BEREFT!
  17. It's been noted how she transformed this into a mellow, emotional song, but the intro and the outro are something else. The starting arpeggios remind me of 80s love ballads and there's something almost deathly to it, like you know something bad's about to happen. Then the vocals kick in and it's like mourning, almost crying, pleading! Only for the song to end with her thinly-edited voice being drowned by the cheering of a crowd, almost as if she cried herself to sleep and dreamed of being out there with everyone.

    Then anthems comes right along and kicks you in the head and steals your wallet.
  18. It's interesting to me that this album compared to Charli mirrors what we've heard of Women In Music Pt. III compared to Something To Tell You - I firmly maintain that both previous albums were nowhere near awful, but there's a clearly delineated step up in both of their current projects that is tremendously satisfying.
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