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Charli XCX - How I'm Feeling Now

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. It does work a lot better within the full album, I would have never made it a pre-release track, but whatevs.

    The last minute of Detonate is killing me.
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  2. claws works so much better as an extension of forever. The sequencing of this album is actually immaculate.
  3. Party 4 U is in her top 5. We're all in agreement, yes?
  4. In other news, 100 gecs randomly uploaded a lyric video for the ringtone remix today:

    It's a beautiful eyesore. "thank you charli *prayer hands*" killed me
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  5. I think this is her best moment, I think this is her best album.
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  6. I hope critics rally as hard around this album as they did Norman Fucking Rockwell. It's truly the sound of now.
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  7. The final minute of detonate sounding like a Perfume track has me ascending to be quite honest.
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  8. Well we know at least theneedledrop will be a vocal supporter. His devotion to the Charli cause in the last few years is nice to see.
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  9. At times rivaling The Cure in the "unreadable lyric video" category.
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  10. This is breathtaking, really. That she managed to be such a transparent, transcendent singer-songwriter in this production template, with such vivid authenticity, feels like the future pop she’s always promised. She’s delivered that time and time again before this album, but here she seems genuinely unbound from the painful experience of commerce that’s always seemed to cloud her creation on earlier full-lengths.

    Start to finish, this perfectly captures the sacred and intimate cosmos one can survive inside during crisis—all longing and love and imagination, all loud digital life and domestic quietude. It’s a wild, beautiful ride that crystallizes an expression of what we’re all experiencing—in varying degrees—in these batshit times. That she’s expressed the truth of our moment as it takes shape and as we all wrestle with understanding it is what makes this project and her so essential.

    I’m so grateful. She just fucking gets it.
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  11. This is a stunning piece of work. The boppage, the emotion...I’m a bit taken aback after my first listen. This is far beyond any of my expectations.
  12. Party 4 u followed by anthems followed by visions... I was not ready for the album to end taking me into the stratosphere! She really did that.
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  13. Holy shit Pink Diamond. I wasn’t ready.
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  14. Laser Beam’s impact.

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  15. Pink Diamond is everything Shake It tries to be elevated to 100. It’s the only track i heard so far so i might as well replay it till midnight before the album is out.
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  16. A great album and there's so much to talk about. But let's just ruminate on "anthems" for a second - or maybe the rest of the year or for the rest of time?!?!?! What a fucking EARTHQUAKE of a song. The hugeness, the horror of it all. The deepening danger of those synths, like you've suddenly ended up in the wrong room at the house party and the lights are red and you know you're meant to turn around and leave can't? The way the Sophia-The-Robot-ness of the verses contrasts with the chorus, which is about as alive and visceral as she's ever sounded? Then, the impossible thrill of the beat accelerating into double-time, before the launch of a final round of the head-banging section - it's all almost too much to bear. God Almighty. I'm really gonna have to stan on that one.

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  17. I am screaming, i need to hear this fuuuuuuck!
  18. On my VERY first listen through and based on comments decided to hit some poppers just before "anthems" started and it was certain a choice and maybe the most Charli XCX fan thing I've ever done.

    Love the record. It seems like a miracle.
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  19. Listened to this while attempting to get some work done, and likely damaged my laptop from all the tears.

    This album is dancefloor melancholy at its finest.
  20. Positive review in Variety.
    Also I feel like a complete idiot for not knowing Charli co-wrote "Señorita."
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