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Charli XCX - How I'm Feeling Now

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. This is so fully realized. It's an album with a through line: construction-noise production, lonely swagger, and a beating heart. Uncompromising in a way Charli wasn't. Good for her.
  2. Actual footage of me listening to detonate and then realising what the lyrics are about while bopping.


  3. Charli taking influence from The Postal Service with detonate in particular is one of those things that I didn't know I wanted until it happened and I'm ashamed it didn't occur to me sooner.
  4. This is so good whew. I was noT expecting party 4 u to come at me that hard.

  5. The way Visions is constantly morphing is incredible. The last 1:30 or whatever without a single vocal moment especially.
  6. The production on Enemy is just excellence. It’s the only song i had a bit of a problem with the auto-tune as i feel it would be so much better without it.
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  7. Ugh, her MIND.

    She just has such a strong artistry, and I appreciate it like it’s the first time listening to a body of work from her every time she releases something new. It’s something I don’t experience with a lot of artists. You can just feel her artistic growth and experimentation each time she comes out with something new, with the very rare misstep.

    I wasn’t the biggest fan of Charli. A lot of it came alive when I saw the tour, but I only revisit a handful of its tracks. Something about it felt constrained, like her vision for it just didn’t become fully realized.

    But this...this is the kind of Charli XCX project I have come to expect from her. It just oozes with her. It’s everything I love about her specific sound, but enhanced and developed to another level that separates itself from her previous work.

    forever remains one of my favorite tracks of her discography, and of the year. It’ll have a very special place with me considering it came out in a very dark, confusing time for the world. But the album builds so much from there; the unexpected emotion that comes out in Detonate, the melancholy reminiscing in c2.0, and the understated sweetness of party 4 u.

    I love watching her grow as an artist, it really is such a delight. All praise to her, she is so needed.

    Long live my beep boop bitch.
  8. And I couldn't help but real life, could the club even handle us??

  9. As I read another post dragging the Charli album, I couldn’t help but wonder: Is this how HAIM fans feel when people continuously drag Something to Tell You?
  10. ebonyjenkins_yes.gif
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  11. AG is the sweetest.
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  12. Or Jessie Ware fans feel when they continually drag Glasshouse?
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  13. aux


    The merch store is up. No vinyl or CD yet, but there's the book. All profits for the art prints go to LA Alliance.

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  14. Pink Diamond, Detonate and Anthems (especially) are the non-single highlights for me.

    Incredibly impressive effort from all concerned.

    Edit - how amazing is the outro for visions ?! genius
  15. The queen has spoken.
  16. Good grief, between this and Rina, the alt girls are keeping me well fed.

    It's all about "7 years" today.
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  17. Is Visions a worthy successor to Track 10?
  18. Y’all better be buying this on iTunes
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