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Charli XCX - Number 1 Angel (Mixtape) + Third Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ElectricHearts, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. I've been shoving Vroom Vroom into every playlist I possibly can since I got my hands on the shitty censored Beats 1 version. Easily in my top 5 of the year.
  2. I still adore Vroom Vroom.

    I just wish the video was better.
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  3. I'm still not over this giant bop! I can't wait for the video. She better not fuck it up, because this has a chance to be huuuge.
  4. So did she like, think that recording a Sucker b-side and adding some PC Music squiggle noises over it was going to fool everyone?
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  5. You can't fool anyone when everyone barely knows said album (which I still love, despite the kinda shade???).
  6. Screaming. Of course she does. Queen of consistency and furiously living in the now.
  7. Queen of hating her entire musical output thus far
  8. Two listens in and already glimmers of an exponential growth curve in amazingness. Basic but very effective. Also loving the various production flourishes (glass clink).
  9. The might sound a bit like Famous but Famous was brilliant so..

    The production is quite Femme Fetale meets Sucker.
  10. I get that 2016 has been the year of "personal" pop albums, but let's not fool ourselves into thinking everyone is realeasing some gut wrenching Rumours-level opus. Lemonade/Anti/Joanne are only considered deep because they relate to the lives of the people who made them (or the many hundreds of people who made them in Lemonades case).

    Believe it or not, yeah, Charli is a 24 year old popstar who gets to fly around the world going to fun parties and make pretty great money doing it. She's having fun, the song is fun. That's just as "personal" as anything on Anti for instance - Rihanna is dark and sexy, it's an album of dark and sexy songs.

    I'm all for this moody wave of pop or whatever, but have pop fans forgotten to have fun at the same time?
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  11. Going against the curve here but this new one of hers is one of her best.
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  12. After the Afterparty > Trophy > Vroom Vroom > Paradise > Secret

    Not one dud though. Her music is fantastic. True Romance is slightly superior to Sucker.

    Vroom Vroom is the best EP release this year.
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  13. Well duh, if Paradise is on the album.
  14. This new song is cute.
  15. When the chorus properly kicks in after the first verse is a moment.

    'cause after the afterparty we're gonna keep it goin'
    we're gonna rip it up, the neighbours might complain

    'Cause after the afterparty, we're gonna stay 'til mornin'
    Then when the time is up, we'll do it all again
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
    We're all in love
    We're all in love
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  16. I really love her new persona as the secretly clever party girl. The high-camp "I'm here to have a good time but I also know what's up" vibe is very 90s Britain.
  17. Yes! That's what's making her so intriguing right now. She doesn't act cool, she is cool. It's why I don't understand why people are claiming she's sold out or whatever.
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  18. I love the song. Some of y'all had me worried with the reactions around here but it's a bop. At first I wasn't so sure but by the end I was like "YAASS CHARLES TAKE ME TO YOUR PARTY AFTER THE AFTER PARTY!" Now give me the alberm and I'm set.
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  19. Charli's new incarnation may be my favourite so far. She's a 90s Club Kid without the murder, dismemberment, and Special K. Say HELLO THERE to a modern Lady Miss Kier.
  20. Ddd, I can't at her now detaching herself from Sucker just like she did with True Romance before it. Isn't she also pretty resentful towards I Love It?

    Charli, let me as you a very fair question, what do you stand by successfully?
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