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Charli XCX - Number 1 Angel (Mixtape) + Third Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ElectricHearts, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. It's scary. Scary how effective it is, and scary how much it needs to smash for the song to properly work. This song won't work unless it does its job. In that sense, I feel like it might end up being the new Break the Rules. Fingers crossed it doesn't.
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  2. Britney Spears.
  3. Her latest album, basically.
  4. Which int he hyper commercial world of popstardom, is no bad thing.
  5. @Andy French saying it sounds bioengineered to be a massive hit was so spot on. Just from the iTunes preview I'd had the chorus stuck in my head all week. And now that the whole song is out it's like it's attached itself to my brain. It's absolutely a smash...and like @Noir said the song needs to be one to work really. I hope it happens. I'd like Charli to infiltrate the mainstream with SOPHIE in tow.
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  6. I feel like this song is going to be lodged in my brain all day. I hope the GP latches on.
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  7. New single is silly, frothy, and decadent. The kind of ridiculous ear-candy one consumes in the back of a bubble party thrown by that rowdy fraternity. The disaffected fuck-less tone in Charli's voice is masterful, a delicate drawl of weary elation. Yachty feels particularly cozy, like a gatecrasher too dope to kick out. A drunken lullaby.
    I don't particularly disagree but this kind of reminds me of how rock n' roll fans were disgusted by its evolution in the 1970s from jovial party music into self-conscious "artistic" statements.

    None of the aforementioned albums are spectacular merely because they're related to the artists who created them; I, for one, love to see progression and growth in people and like with most Pop, I also relate to the emotions and sentiments expressed within these pieces. They are personal pieces, yes, but they also feel wholly universal in a way that goes beyond our basic Pop needs. They tap into experiences we'd rather forget, rather not acknowledge, or rather pretend don't exist at all, feeling essential and therapeutic, inventive and fresh.

    I understand, however: not everyone seeks Pop to have some spiritual awakening. And, at its core, it more than likely is not designed as such. But I also don't believe that this period of Florentine flourish and splendor will last forever nor do I believe this will become the norm. There will always be simplistic odes to making out, popping ass, popping off, getting turnt, and getting laid. This is simply the moment where Pop as a collective whole seems hellbent on proving its worth and importance just as Rock did 40 years ago: keeping its youthful, inherently-hip edge but adding layers of depth and texture previously unseen.

    That's actually why I love Charli, though: she's in contrast with the current vibes - essentially a throwback to all of the flashy, glossy, bubbly Pop which reinvigorated the Renaissance in the late 1990s. It is a mixture of amusement and self-awareness - a colorful, manic world epitomized by soft-drink ads and sexual notoriety. There is no need for her to make any "statement" pieces and perhaps she never will; she is keenly fond of her role and how to utilize it. Because, in truth, just as we need Beyoncé's Impressionist historical tome, we need the humor, flirtation, and madness that Charli embodies. Pop is so varied and so boundless that I don't think any particular "brand" of it will ever expire. We'll always have fun. We're just thinking a little more now.
  8. This is where I disagree with some of the sentiments in here. Writing loads of sad or wistful songs doesn't actually mean you think about anything more. Fun doesn't mean shallow, and shallow doesn't have to mean not thought through.

    I think this is what I love about PC Music, and I'm glad it's something Charli herself has incorporated into her music: there's nothing stupid about writing something simple. It's something I think Beyonce could stand to learn as for me, Lemonade is an overcooked mess of try-hardedness.

  10. RJF


    I feel like you're railing against an argument no one has made...
  11. It's more of an attitude alluded to in this thread, but my post is kind of an opinion that's has been percolating for a while. It's not just about Charli.
  12. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    'After The After Party' is a pretty perfect blend of PC and current pop trends, so she's got that going on.

    Though no one sounds this together after the after party.
  13. But that isn't what I meant.

    Most of these albums have deeper contexts and implications than your standard Pop album: especially in Beyoncé's case, it revolves around being a woman - and specifically being a black woman - in the midst of an emotional breakdown. That, along with the associated visuals, allows us to ponder a bit heavier about not only our lives but also the world outside of them. Sure, I always find absolute transcendence in the most featherweight of ABBA tracks, but Lemonade's political slant carries weight in a totally different way. As I mentioned before, perhaps those sort of things mean nothing to you and that's perfectly fine - but that certainly doesn't make it overcooked, messy, or containing any level of try-hard.

    You are right: fun doesn't mean shallow and shallow doesn't mean it's thoughtless. Warhol, my Personal Lord and Savior, proved that 50 years ago. And a silly man named Walt Disney proved that 80 years ago. And before him, some strange dude named Oscar Wilde. But I also never said that: I actually praised Charli's clever, ingenious approach because we do need a wide spectrum of Pop; it can't always be super-profound or super-frothy, super-ironic or super-sentimental. Charli knows the score, how to play the game, and how to still come out of the other side with dignity and coolness. That is a rare attribute to hold and she tends to hold it quite well.

    Again, Pop has many, many, many facets. That is its magic.
  14. I feel like we're both agreeing on the same thing, but coming at it from different angles, so I'll just leave it here. Both of those were fab posts by the way.
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  15. RJF


    What about this is PC Music? There are about three balloon squeaks and... that's it really. Unless you count high pitched vocals bordering on parody and juvenile melodies, but I would attribute those two things to Charli before I would PC Music.
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  16. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I suppose I'm sweeping a bit, but it has that artificial atmosphere, squiggles and loops, a few heavily processed vocals. But I've started to listen to Tove's significantly better album and already forgot how 'After The After Party' sounds teebs.
  17. Annie has squeaked in her music for years. Truly the iconic innovator and inventor of PC Music!
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  18. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I like the new song but I wanted to love it.
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  19. I think we will love it with the video.
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  20. It really irritates me when artists shit on their previous material but with Charli it's practically a given at this point.
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