Charli XCX - Number 1 Angel (Mixtape) + Third Album

1. Dreamer feat. Starrah and RAYE
2. 3AM (Pull Up) feat. MØ
3. Blame It On U
4. Roll With Me
5. Emotional
6. ILY2
7. White Roses
8. Babygirl feat. Uffie
9. Drugs feat. Abra
10. Lipgloss feat. CupcakKe

Brilliant thanks - I was actually thinking Lipgloss would make a good closer.

Do all the tracks have female guest features or was that just a rumour I wonder?
Will there also be a free download link (like her previous mixtapes) or will it only be on streaming services?
Damn the three of them are massive and brilliant. Charli XCX is pop's (only?) effortless genius. And yet she remains underrated compared to someone like Lorde or even MØ.

''Pull Up'' = An anthem
''Dreamer'' = My favorite. At once chilly and huge
''Lipgloss'' = Gives me endorphins

Extra points for the perfect cover art and Charli's high-tech escort look. She also happens to have great aesthetics, beauty and legs.
I'm so ready.

The fact that this is actually happening.

Each sort of shines within their own mesmerizing sphere: the clever stadium trap of Dreamer feels gargantuan and smooth, as if floating in Jordans in zero gravity; Pull Up's aquatic bubblegum buoyancy is an intoxicating mixture of the Ronettes, Fiddler on the Roof, and The Little Mermaid; and the thunderous Lipgloss evokes the fuckless charm of rundown arcades and liquor stores.

She never once forgets the importance of melodies and hooks, how to lure one in and cast a wicked spell.

Consider me bewitched.