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Charli XCX - Number 1 Angel (Mixtape) + Third Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ElectricHearts, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. Okay, but I hope they eventually have this on sale and it's not just streaming only.
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  2. Drugs feat Abra has me hyperventilating.
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  3. Dreamer > Lipgloss > 3 AM

    so far.

  4. Uffie reloads the glock, brilliant
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  5. Do we have a tracklist yet?
  6. 1. Dreamer feat. Starrah and RAYE
    2. 3AM (Pull Up) feat. MØ
    3. Blame It On U
    4. Roll With Me
    5. Emotional
    6. ILY2
    7. White Roses
    8. Babygirl feat. Uffie
    9. Drugs feat. Abra
    10. Lipgloss feat. CupcakKe
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  7. Brilliant thanks - I was actually thinking Lipgloss would make a good closer.

    Do all the tracks have female guest features or was that just a rumour I wonder?
  8. The 5 collabs listed are the only ones. The rest are solo tracks.
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  9. It wasn't a rumor, just a misunderstanding. Someone mistook "all female collabs" as meaning the entire mixtape would be a collaborative thing with just women.
  10. I'm so relieved Bounce is nowhere to be seen on that tracklist.
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  11. It's on the album though.
  12. Will there also be a free download link (like her previous mixtapes) or will it only be on streaming services?
  13. Which is never coming.
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  14. Dreamer is such a bop.
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  15. This will be her new album.
  16. It would be nice if there were a CD, wouldn't it.
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  17. I'd even accept a cheap cardboard slip like Carly's Emotion Side B.
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  18. Damn the three of them are massive and brilliant. Charli XCX is pop's (only?) effortless genius. And yet she remains underrated compared to someone like Lorde or even MØ.

    ''Pull Up'' = An anthem
    ''Dreamer'' = My favorite. At once chilly and huge
    ''Lipgloss'' = Gives me endorphins

    Extra points for the perfect cover art and Charli's high-tech escort look. She also happens to have great aesthetics, beauty and legs.
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