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Charli XCX - Number 1 Angel (Mixtape) + Third Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ElectricHearts, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. Anybody else wanna do a human sacrifice for Bounce and/or Taxi?

    Also huge shouts to @willyeverman for pointing out the tagless versions. Certainly enough to tide me over until this leaks (which will hopefully be soon).
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  2. The fact that this is actually happening.

  3. This'll be a nice, unexpected treat for my Friday night festivities. Kinda glad I switched off a while ago so the wait hasn't seemed a chore.
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  4. Each sort of shines within their own mesmerizing sphere: the clever stadium trap of Dreamer feels gargantuan and smooth, as if floating in Jordans in zero gravity; Pull Up's aquatic bubblegum buoyancy is an intoxicating mixture of the Ronettes, Fiddler on the Roof, and The Little Mermaid; and the thunderous Lipgloss evokes the fuckless charm of rundown arcades and liquor stores.

    She never once forgets the importance of melodies and hooks, how to lure one in and cast a wicked spell.

    Consider me bewitched.
  5. Looking forward to buying this on vinyl when it comes out in 2019.
  6. Beautiful
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  7. I hate Thursdays so much.
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  8. These are going in the @imperialsteroid greatest hits package.
  9. The Dystopian Collection
  10. Dreamer gives me visions of some nocturnal metropolis that's between Gotham City and the setting of the Spice of Your Life video. More specifically during a thunderstorm and inside the hot tub on some penthouse terrace where an intoxicated Charli sulks.
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  11. I hope I can go to her New York show in April so I can lose my hair at Dreamer and Lipgloss live.
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  12. If these aren't on the album then they'll be scrapped aka the biggest PopInjustice of the year :(

    Girls Night Out
    Hey Boy, Hey Girl
    Daddy Knows
    No Angel
    Round And Round
    Burn Rubber
    Give Me Your Love
  13. Girls Night Out, Bounce and No Angel have all been confirmed for the album quite a few times.

    Out of all those I'm not expecting to hear TKO or Give Me Your Love. They both sound more like solo SOPHIE tracks for his DJ sets.
  14. I know but is anything really ever confirmed with Charlotte?
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  15. Oh nice hat trick Charli. All 3 of these songs are better than Afterparty.

    I was a bit worried the mixtape was lost in limbo after her tweets about the label last week, but here we are!

    I'm just going to have Roll With Me on repeat forever.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Lipgloss is reminding me of how much I love Cloud Aura and now I'm getting my life once again to that jam. She needs to collab with Brooke again.
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  17. I love the title sequence of Babygirl -> Drugs -> Lipgloss.
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  18. I thought that Burn Rubber & Give Me Your Love were SOPHIE tracks that might see the light of day via him and whoever's distributing his music now, but possibly not with Charli's vocals on them.

    I've read that Daddy Knows really was just a one-off for the show in November, and that Taxi is in a similar state of limbo (the cruelest sentence I've ever typed). TKO and Round & Round are total mysteries at this point, but like you said, is anything ever really confirmed with Charli?

    Hey Boy Hey Girl also hasn't been confirmed for anything but if it really is a feature I can't imagine the label not having it on the album if only so his name appears on press releases, etc. Although this is the same label that may be preparing for "Bounce (feat. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu)" to be the second single, so what do I know about what level of star power/name recognition they're investing in vs. scrapping?
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  19. Semi-irrelevant (like myself) but

    I had this idea when I was out for a walk and I don't really know where to take it. Thinking about adding a Nicki verse too, but like...which one...
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