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Charli XCX - Number 1 Angel (Mixtape) + Third Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ElectricHearts, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. I like that Dreamer and Blame It On You seem to be sister songs.
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  2. The thing is that I find her singing voice a bit of harsh on the ears.
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  3. Sam


    Emotional has me ... e•mo•tion•al.

    Carly Rae hew?
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  4. I think those are my absolute favorites.
    The light trance during mid song of "I blame it on you" got me jumping up and down.
  5. 3 AM, ILY2, Emotional. A trinity.

    Roll With Me, Babygirl, Lipgloss. Another trinity.

    The only non-10s for me at the moment Dreamer and Drugs, as I find them them to be a touch more contrite. I'm sure that will change.
  6. Drugs is probably my least favorite but even still, it wins me over by the end.
  7. The Drugs outro though. The musical equivalent of being dick-drunk.
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  8. The "XCX" tagline is so delightful to hear.
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  9. I love her so, so much. She just gets pop music.
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  10. Babygirl is the one. Love hearing Uffie again.
  11. Unexpectedly, I'm feeling the mid-tempos a lot more than the bangers. I'm currently in the perfect mood for Blame It On You and that surprise eurodance outro.
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  12. Any streaming service besides Spotify I can use right now?

  13. After one listen literally every track has at least one 'moment' that can sometimes make a whole song. And then even outside those moments there's still so much to love. If these are what didn't make the album.... do it, Charles.
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  14. The Famous interpolation on Emotional.

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  15. Sam


    This mix tape is so great. It feels so familiar the way she explores tried and tested sounds and chord progressions, while still bringing something so utterly new to the table. She's really surprised me.
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  16. Just about to play through it now. Win me back after that Sucker mess, queen.
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  17. I liked this for the excitement, not the Sucker slander.
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  18. (I'll forever stan Sucker, but the contrast between it and the new mixtape isn't doing it any favors).
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  19. She was right to call it Sucker.
    Two tracks in, sounding great so far.
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  20. Sam


    Lipgloss is trash tho let's be real
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