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Charli XCX - Number 1 Angel (Mixtape) + Third Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ElectricHearts, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. Yes. Super Ultra is basically an album. Heartbreaks and Earthquakes has its handful of gems. If you enjoyed the less upbeat songs on Number 1 Angel, you're in for a treat.
  2. Sam


  3. ...And this is partially why I adore Uffie. She's genuinely eccentric & effortlessly ahead-of-trend.
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  4. Roll With Me is so 2014 PC Music in the best way possible.
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  5. I love Sucker, to me its as unique and electrifying as her other material, the pop-punk direction was not alienating to me in the least bit (except for ''Breaking Up''). But its main problem was the filler. Filler is not even a remote possibility here.
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  6. I love Sucker. It's a bratty breath of fetid attitude. It's like the soundtrack to the Weetzie Bat movie that hasn't been made, probably never will be, but they (that album and the book I've just mentioned) are very vibrant and exciting. London Queen is a few minutes of freedom, just carefree and the opposite of every laboured moment on True Romance, an album that could never be as cool as London Queen though it tried hard to be very cool. I think her new album will be amazing, if her label don't interfere it out of existence. I fear they don't share Charli's vision.
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  7. Sucker is wonderful. It gave me The Donnas with a 2014 pop twist.
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  8. I was gonna mention this, but wasn't sure if anyone would understand the difference

    Also "Babygirl" reminds me of

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  9. Well the only songs I had heard of her prior to that were Fancy, Drop That Kitty and Break The Rules. Those songs don't exactly scream go listen to the rest of my catalogue...

    When I stumbled upon Vroom Vroom it caught my attention because it sounded unlike anything i'd ever heard before (I had never heard of PC Music at the time) and it was all over the place yet still went off?

    Had I never heard it I doubt I would have checked out this mixtape.
  10. And who doesn't love The Donnas? It's impossible to do anything other than raise your first to Heaven and scream for them.
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  11. "With my angel wings and Fiorucci jeans" is suuuuccchhh a good line.
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  12. Lipgloss has the best "XCX (Charli)" of the album (the one at the beginning)! I know it would never happen but I kinda wish this had been released as a single. Or at least made the proper album (I suppose that could still happen)?!
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  13. I don't get why Charli's so ashamed of Sucker. Always the same with every new album. Seems like a live show with a full repertoire won't ever be possible.

    What I like about Sucker is that Charli's sneering brattiness does not really seem childish, nor is it imposted or forced like Avril Lavigne, just absolutely fresh, genuine and joyful. The whole trashy, cruising-LA-in-a-convertible fit nicely with the Raisen/Rechstaid/Ferreira faux-rock/new wave of the time (the Ariel Pink feature was a great idea), while also branching out to hip hop and EDM. She created this very brief zeitgeist moment that makes me nostalgic.
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  14. She'll be ashamed of whatever album happened before her latest album. Bowie was a similar creature in that respect.
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  15. I don't know why, but I have a feeling there's nothing on Number 1 Angel she'll ever regret. After the Afterparty and Bounce, she'll disown in time.
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  16. This is absolutely incredbile. I kind of felt like she was plateau-ing a bit prior to this, but everything here sounds freeeesh.
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  17. Imagine if "Roll With Me" slowed down and transformed into its original version at the end
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  18. ILY2 is so good. It's like what Die Tonight wanted to be.
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  19. I was playing a few songs from the mixtape around friends this lunch time and one of them just came up to do his ironing (sounds weird but we're in uni halls and his flat's has broken) anyway... played Pull Up and most of the mixtape whilst he was doing his ironing, I was just bopping around doing full homemade choreo. Anyway when he was out the door he ran back and was like "what was that 3am song called?"

    She could so easily win over the general public with radio (and label ddddd) support.
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  20. Doing the ironing??!?!?!

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