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Charli XCX - Number 1 Angel (Mixtape) + Third Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ElectricHearts, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. Yeah, Charli signed in 2009 or maybe 2010.

    Halsey's early music was more of a The Weeknd rip-off.
  2. Really? I actually saw it as lowkey shade towards Selena. Not intentional shade because it's the truth, but like "it came from Selena which means it came from Julia Michaels because Julia basically writes everything for her".
  3. From what I can gather, Charli signed to Atlantic in 2008, Lorde signed to Universal in 2009, and Charli signed to Asylum (a label under Atlantic) in 2010, and then IAMSOUND (an independent label) in 2012. It isn't adding up. Either Charli mixed up the dates or the unnamed singer isn't Charli.
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  4. Wtf is this and how are these titles even on Spotify? I know some of the titles are out there but... Spotify??
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  5. Someone created the playlist.
  6. It's not Charli.
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  7. You can add your own files on Spotify and integrate them into playlists with actual songs on Spotify. But only you can play the files you added.
  8. Do we know if there are actual versions of Daddy Knows and Give Me Your Love with Charli recorded? Listening to the live versions, it sounds like the tracks have different vocalist and she's just singing over the top.
  9. And up n Down
  10. Up & Down is Charli. There's a version with Noonie singing as well. Daddy Knows is Eyelar. I think Give Me Your Love is sung by SOPHIE.
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  11. Sis that's already out there. Listenable quality.
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  12. It’s “listenable” but I want it in a normal quality that at least matches the other full leaks.
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  13. The only version i have heard and can find is with Noonie?
  15. LOL no GMYL is just a remix of Sylvia Striplin's song from 1981

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  16. oh ok i mean't like leaked versions! Thanks tho
  17. The actual Charli version of the song hasn't leaked. What's available online are recordings from Danny L Harle's DJ sets and Charli performing it live.
    I know about this, but totally forgot, 'LOL'.
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  18. Christ, how good is that crunchy acid trip of a denouement to Drugs? Too real for a Wednesday morning. Also Love Gang is phenomenal.
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  19. I'll never thank SOPHIE enough since she made me discover this small gem of an album
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  20. I literally can't find live videos of Taxi using the search bar on youtube. Is that a good sign?
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