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Charli XCX - Pop 2

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lander, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Take your diplomatic opinion elsewhere, heaux.
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  2. Diplomacy? On my Popjustice?
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  3. This whole thing, but especially Dreamer, just scalped me.
  4. For a second I thought your avatar featured a masc Clay Aiken and I thought I'd ended up in opposite world.
  5. I'm somehow amused and offended by this.
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  6. Stop trying to make this canon when I Got It and Delicious are right there.

    Personally I’d put nearly all of Pop 2 and half of Number 1 Angel below Emotional but that’s just me.
  7. What is this fuckery?
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  8. I already told you guys the worst song between the two is Out of My Head and that's that on that.
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  9. Sorry sweaty, we might not have heard this wrong opinion the first time. xoxo
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  10. You'd know a thing or two about wrong opinions, so I'll defer to your expertise.
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  11. A bit of clean up & this would be the greatest contribution to music in history.
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  12. I'm very thankful that everyone has excluded White Roses out of the 'weakest song' narrative because it's such a quiet banger of a track. Like, that middle-8 is mind-blowing.
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  13. Did everyone try the “Don’t Delete the Kisses” remix? I thought the “Don’t Delete the Kisses” remix was lovely.

    Seriously though, it’s stunning. Welp.
  14. the triple j one >>>
  15. Dreamer mashed with Barbie Girl is everything
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  16. Number 1 Angel is a 10
    Pop 2 a 7.
    A decision.
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  17. Isn't that Roisin Murphy in your avatar?

    Ok then.

    Pop 2 has much more depth and variation, while Number 1 Angel is razor-sharp bops. They're both 10's. Charli gave us a 20.
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  18. It's still fresh obviously, but I'd say Pop 2 > Number 1 Angel. N1A has 3 songs I usually skip during my playthroughs while Pop 2 only has one so. Still the two best pop albums not named Melodrama released last year so we all win really !
  19. Both Pop 2 and Number 1 Angel are wonderful.

    I don't like the Don't Delete The Kisses cover one bit.
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