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Charli XCX - Pop 2

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lander, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Gold Coins and Die Tonight are the only duds on Sucker for me. Need Ur Luv is of course sublime but I also really love the middle 8 on Caught In The Middle.
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  2. Are we getting to that point in a musician's cycle where their widely-panned-at-the-time album is looked back on and people realise they were too hard on it?
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  3. There's a group of us Sucker Justice Warriors who've been trying to turn the forum narrative for years. We will not be silenced.
  4. I've been a Sucker spokesperson for quite some time now.
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  5. I adored Sucker when it came out and I still think it’s an important era in understanding her story as an artist, even though it’s clearly the weak spot of her career. Need Ur Luv remains top 3 Charli
  6. Finally. #JusticeForSucker

    (2014-15 was...a harrowing time to be a Charli stan on here. People were mad)
  7. "Gold Coins" is one of the best songs on "Sucker" holy cowww.
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  8. Yah, Die Tonight is the only dud and even that gets too much of a bad rep.
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  9. Sucker is great.
    Need Ur Luv, Title Track, Famous, Doing It, Body Of My Own, Caught in the Middle... I'd say the tracklist for it doesn't help at all because the "bad stuff" like Die Tonight, Hanging Around kinda really break your good will dd
  10. Body of My Own is a discography highlight, I love those Super Nintendo sounding synths.

    My first memory of you on the forum was joining for the Charli rate and having 9+ averages for all her albums and mixtapes dd
  11. [​IMG]

    Jk, but the Charli rate is what inspired me to actually make an account, to be honest. I think I gave Sucker an average of 7 which is still high compared to the hell other people gave it.
  12. Nobody was too hard on Sucker. It deserved the hatred it gets, and more. Worse record than Britney Jean.
  14. I’d happily take Myah Jean with its dated, terrible bops over whatever the hell that was that Charlotte Aitchison released in 2014 (US) / 2015 (UK).
  15. The only things I use from Sucker are ‘Doin It’ and ‘Boom Clap’ which are both 10/10.

    Charli’s basically unrecognisable as the same artist from then and now though, thankfully.
  16. I was obsessed with Sucker........I think it listened to it daily for about 6 months and I saw her live for the first time during that era.

    As someone who's a major 90's grunge/pop rock fan I really fell in love with it. The only track I skipped was Boom Clap, just because it had become so overplayed at that point.
  17. I love Sucker. The title track, Break The Rules, Breaking Up, Gold Coins, Boom Clap, Doing It, Famous and So Over You are all 9s and 10s.
  18. Sucker vs Britney Jean comparisons? At least Charli actually sang her album.
  19. The only thing Sucker has over it. Everything else is much, much worse.
  20. I just wanted to let you know you're entitled to your wrong opinion xo
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