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Charli XCX - Pop 2

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lander, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. I_said_what_i_said

    I loathe Britney Jean, but I would happily listen to it in full over Sucker. There’s some great songs on the latter album/era (Superlove, Breaking Up, Need Ur Luv), but they’re bogged down by absolute dire tracks like Die Tonight.
  2. Die Tonight is that gorgeous Kidz Bop Def Leppard anthem, ENOUGH!
  3. "Sucker" worse than "Britney Jean..."

  4. Nah, Sucker is fine. People were just way too hung up on it not being 2rue Romance to be honest.

    And anyone who doesn’t consider Body of My Own a career highlight is wrong.
  5. Sucker has like 5 amazing tracks.

    The other songs should have all gone to Selena Gomez where - thanks to her deal with several demons - they would have inexplicably smashed and our girl Charli would have at least gotten some royalties out of it.
  6. Body Of My Own and Caught In The Middle are still on my daily playlists. I still go through days where I need to listen to Sucker from top to bottom. She served us an alt-pop wild child album.
  7. Great songs on Sucker:

    - Breaking Up
    - Gold Coins
    - Boom Clap
    - Doing It
    - Body Of My Own
    - Hanging Around (don't @ me)
    - Need Ur Luv

    Sucker isn't that bad of an album. I wish she had been able to stay true to her vision & put out a visceral assault of a punk album, but... whatever.
  8. Sucker
    Breaking Up
    Boom Clap
    Doing It
    Body of My Own
    Caught in the Middle
    Need Ur Luv

    are all top tier Charli.

    In retrospect I do wish we got that more punk-leaning EP that was allegedly going to happen. Justice for Mow That Lawn.
  9. Sucker
    Breaking Up
    Boom Clap
    Doing It
    Need Ur Luv

    Gold Coins
    Caught in the Middle

    All I really use. Don't really use Gold Coins and Caught in the Middle that much but I like them. Hell, I don't even use Boom Clap anymore. Need Ur Luv is a career highlight.
  10. Sucker isn't bad it's just mediocre. Need Ur Luv and Boom Clap are the only necessary takeaways, although I like a decent chunk of the album.

    Considering what came after it, and how strong her debut is, it's deadlast in her ranking.
  11. I saw her open for Katy with a super energetic, super bouncy hit-filled set with a giant Sucker lollipop behind her and maybe that's why I love Sucker?
  12. Am I the only one who likes "London Queen" then?

  13. “Mow That Lawn”
    “I’m a Dream”
    “Let’s Make Love”
    “Breaking Up”
    “Gold Coins”
    “Body of My Own”

    The punk-rock album (with pop leanings) that she never got to drop.
  14. No love for So Over You on your Sucker favs...

  15. London Queen is a fucking BOP. It sounds like a song used for a montage in some teen movie where Charli comes to America for the first time.
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  16. Don’t worry—there’s still people with taste left.
  17. This is a bizarre comparison (my brand) but Caught In The Middle reminds me a lot of...late-90’s Lenny Kravitz? For whatever reason all I think of when I hear it is

  18. Yes!! The guitars and mood also give me an Under The Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers vibe
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  19. Sucker is an absolute delight, from start to finish.

    Much like every other album/mixtape her name’s attached to.
  20. I didn’t appreciate Sucker at the time, but it’s got some good cuts on it.
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