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Charli XCX - Pop 2

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lander, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. It’s impressive how Lizzo is on this for relatively little of its running time and still adds so much to it; I know people get feature fatigue with the pop gorlz sometimes but this song is definitely elevated because of it.

    Also, I can’t get over how massive this sounds. Compared to the version that leaked a year or two back it’s like everything got cranked to 11 in the best way.
  2. Rita Ora has already managed to take a break from promoting her Pokémon song and stan this on her Instagram story.
  3. I love when talent stans talent.

    Let's have a third version of the track and get Rita on a remix.
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  4. Blame It On Your Love (VIP Remix) incoming!
  5. I hope Blame It On Your Love just becomes a track Charli endlessly repurposes throughout her career. Release a flute version! A Rita remix! Dorian Electra's insta remix!
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  6. That chorus is still so infectious, but yeah this is ultimately inessential when compared to Track 10. And the drop sucks. Lizzo's verse is great though.
  7. I live for a good Lumidee sample and this takes the cake. It’s a cute, easy breezy capitol b - BOP that is just in time for summer.
  8. When the third album is just a Blame It On Your Love remix package

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  9. Straight into the summer anthems playlist, knew these two wouldn’t disappoint in delivering us a BOP!
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  10. I mean... Track 10 is perfect, so I was not expecting nothing on that level, it's cute, I do think she has better stuff up her sleeve, but I prefer this to 1999, it's fun, it's great for summer and it's a bop.
  11. Exactly. Also, most people who hear the new version (on radio or Spotify playlists etc) most likely won't even be aware that Track 10 exists. This serves a totally different purpose.
  12. As much as I love "Blame It on Your Love," I want a remix EP. I should've never listened to the version on Dorian Electra's story, but I never learn.
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  13. Every song will just be titled Track 1, Track 2, Track 3...
  14. I love her level of self-awareness.
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  15. The cover art gives me Cocoon mixed with



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  16. SCREAM at the Madonna one.
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  17. I still holler when I remember the profile one on the right is repurposed from a photo with Maya Angelou

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  18. I’m surprised it’s not that different from the uptempo demo. I love it! Lizzo just gets an “ehhhh” from me, don’t hear what everyone else can’t hear......cupcakke would’ve been better.
  19. Gotta blame it on the
    Blame it on the
    Blame it on the
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