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Charli XCX - Pop 2

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lander, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. They’re trying to get it played on radio and streamed
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  2. SMG


    I love this.
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  3. I dunno y’all... I think Pitchfork were kind of on the money. 1999 was a much better attempt at making her sound more palatable for a larger audience, whereas this is just a little too basic leaning. Then add in the fact it has the shadow of Track 10 to live in and that just enhances its flaws.
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  4. I don't care for it but if it means an album is on the horizon then sure.

    I don't understand why 1999 wasn't used as the jump off though. Blame It On Your Love just feels redundant as a song and a single.
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  5. Shocked that they went with the Mambo No.5 version after all this time but it bops. The songwriting on this is great, the production just lets it down a bit.
  6. I'll let Charli do everything she wants to me, even Pon De Repl19y, if Come To My Party is on the album.
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  7. I don’t think some of the criticism is unearned, but it’s a cute little bop and I’m just gonna enjoy my faves getting together.
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  8. R27


    Track 10 is better but the hook is still so great that I can't help but enjoy it. Waste of a Lizzo feature though. It feels like she was just tacked on, especially compared to a lot of the collabs from the mixtapes which felt like essential parts of their respective songs for the most part.
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  9. Releasing a basic bop reworking of a mixtape track from a year and a half ago as the lead single for her long awaited third album? Her mind.
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  10. 1) I hope this is a case of Untouchable album vs. single mix where she performs Track 10 live. If not, I will not tolerate the erasure!
    2) why on earth did she question the release of Come To My Party!? When we heard the leak, the Kardashian’s were at the height of relevance in pop culture. The further it’s dragged out, the less impact it’ll have.
    3) I like lists.
    4) still sounds like the same guy in the Think About Us drop.
  11. Well technically this version is the original and “Track 10” is the rework
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  12. Although I love Lizzo and understand that Stefflon Don isn't going to help Charli secure a hit, I think that I prefer Stefflon on the track. She just fit the vibe better, in my opinion.
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  13. Atlantic when they hear Charli wants to release an album with 50 songs:

  14. This also works.
  15. Why not? Stefflon's doing pretty well for herself in the UK.
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  16. Well the deranged portion of her fanbase is never going to let her forget it if they don't get a 50-track album now
  17. [​IMG]

    I love Miss Charles but I’m...less than whelmed teebs.
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  18. We all know it's never going to happen, but I truly don't think I would make it out alive of a 50-track Charli album. You get in, but you don't know when or if you're getting out.
  19. I'm in Australia, so I wasn't aware that Stefflon was doing well in the UK. I feel like Lizzo has more international appeal though, despite me preferring Stefflon on the track.
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