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Charli XCX - Pop 2

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lander, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Not thrilled with this in comparison to Track 10 - everything exciting about the song has been sucked out of it. The Lizzo feature is boring to me, sorry.

    But I’m intrigued by this becoming the lead single to her album. We’ll see how everything turns out.
  2. I love both of them so I hope it does well but I don’t particularly see myself using this version.

    Atlantic is dumber than we thought if 1999 isn’t on the album.
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  3. How expensive can it be to drop a 50-track album that's already made on Spotify hmmm.

    *stares in Atlantic*
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  4. Now that you mention it...I'd actually be here for her doing a Slave to the Rhythm kind of album with a bunch of reworkings of the same song. Obviously I'd rather have a proper album first, but it's an idea to save for the very improbable utopian future when pop girls can release whatever they want whenever they want.
  5. That quote doesn't really seem like confirmation that it's a lead - I feel like the strategy has been throw things out and see what sticks, and then maybe retcon something into a lead if it takes off.
  6. Charli is the JK Rowling of pop.

    "That wasn't my lead. Also, it's gay and dating Lizzo."
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  7. Queen of artistic gaslighting
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  8. I actually don't hate this nearly as much as I thought I might! Lizzo seems a bit incongruous here at first, but if you read her verse as an older sister-type counterpoint trying to pull Charli out of her emotional doldrums, then I think it kind of works.

    It's becoming clear that we're just going to have to accept that Charli will always have this divide between her "opening act to Taylor Swift setlist" songs and her other, more boundary-pushing material. "Track 10" falls into the latter camp, this the former. I'm hoping, probably in vain, that she'll eventually get to the point in her career where the two will merge, because even though locals don't deserve music along the lines of Pop 2 that doesn't mean they shouldn't get it anyway.
  9. I mean, Charli still talks about how she was playing at warehouse raves at like twelve years old and will often say in the same breath how much she loves the Spice Girls. She contains multitudes.
  10. That's every xcxrackhead.
  11. This is so much better on speakers.

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  12. I honestly think this explains some reactions to a lot of music. Most stuff isn't meant to be listened to on tinny laptops or phones.
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  13. I’ve had this song stuck in my head all night. I’m not mad at it tho.

    Any word on when the video is coming out?
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  14. It’s cute, like I love the production, but Track 10 is genuinely a masterpiece.
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  15. Welp

    Also nn

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  16. I love Liz, but... no.
  17. There’s kind of a history here, so I’m not surprised
  18. Yeah, I recall her being resentful of Charli in the past, but I thought her resentment would have subsided by now.
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