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Charli XCX - Pop 2

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lander, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. We're gonna have the "50-songs album" quote hammered repeatedly by fans, warm disco-style, aren't we?
  2. Cue to it being 2022 and her recent album on Spotify still being Sucker.
  3. I aint believing anything, or playing snippets...
    Until that alleged aLbUm is streamable/ up for download or jacked from a leaked Google Drive folder.
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  4. It’s great, Lizzo is fun. The casual fans in my group are loving it.

    I just listened to Track 10 though and it’s still a bloody brilliant moment in her discography. Nice that Bulletproof chorus might get some more exposure I guess.
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  5. A 'Sky Ferreira's banner images being from 2012' shocker.
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  6. Marina ha impact.
  7. Were both of those designed by the same person?
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  8. According to this yes
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  9. Then Liz needs to shut up and let the designer get some coin. I hate when artists pull the 'you worked with me first, now retire!' card. No, Liz, sweaty.
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  10. wtf is liz
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  11. Strong Roisin vs Robyn teas.
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  12. Except with 1% of record sales.
  13. Liz getting a bit big for those boots I'm not entirely sure she can afford to grow out of.
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  14. Miss Liz...
    You're just a loser, baby.

    It's okay. You're just a loser.
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  15. What the tea with Charli and Liz? Did they they fall out a long time ago or something?
  16. @Liz why don’t you release “Sunscreen” and maybe you’ll calm down.
  17. I mean Madonna did it first girlies
  18. What has Madonna not.
  19. "Da ancient Incans did it first, sweaties!!"
  20. LIZ...I’m disappointed. I love her but get over yourself sis
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